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Guns laws in canada

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jeremy, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy G&G Newbie

    i was looking around the different rooms and noticed a few fellow canadians. I was just wondering your spin on the recent "outbreak" of gun violence, around this part of the country anyway.(Brandon, Mb). There have been two shooting of RCMP officiers in the last 4 months, one fatel. i haven't heard what weapons were used in the first one(Const. Strongquill) but i did hear that the weapon used to shoot Const. Templton was a 9mm handgun. I just noticed how the media ignored the fact that our new guns laws haven't really stopped this. i mean, handguns have been registered here since 1921 and this police officer was shot with one, how did the law help him? It sure as hell didn't help them find the people who shot him. It really pisses me off they make all of us law-abiding people jump thru all of those hoops to get these guns,(some of them sould be there though) and these punks probably stole it or bought it off the streets and they used it on a police officer. I was just wondering what other's fealt about the whole thing.
  2. Jeremy, My home-town is originally Russell Man. From what I hear it was an unregistered stolen long gun that killed StrongQuill. He was shot directly in front the detachment, a stones throw away from the front door.These killers don't care, nor have respect, nor fear of the law. Within 2 weeks there was a stand of f on waywayseecapo Indian Reserve., also involving a long gun. When they caught StrongQuills killers, one was fatally shot. Personally I hope it was the SECOND SHOT THAT WAS HIS WARNING SHOT. On the old forum I started the ball rolling abt. Can laws, if you can call them that!! None of the previosly mentioned guns were licensed, nor were the criminals. I jumped through hoops, to be legal. Meanwhile I could have went to the ____ hotel on North main St. here in Winnipeg, and picked up some fire-power for the price I've paid for licensing, and locks. Did you notice the new licenses are'nt laminated just black on white paper, and can be photocopied on any machine ? Take a 1-4 ( depends on the trainer ) course, and any one who can license fire arms can now license restricted weapons. They made it easier not harder just a pain in the a-- for the average citizen.Mine are all licensed and I'm all legal, but only because of the age, and inheritance of my guns. Otherwise it would have been a cold day in Hell before I put pen to paper, and signed any forms. Do you really think that criminals and gang members are gonna line up to register? No, but I wouldn"t doubt if they hack the system, Know where all the registered guns are, and write out their shopping list!!

  3. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Question. Is it very hard to get a Shotgun in Canada.I'm not really up on your gun laws,would like to know what you have to go through to own firearms there. Thanks.
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy G&G Newbie

    First you have to take a safety course made up by the government, practical and theory. after that you have to fill out an application for a possession and acquisition licence, some older people just have possession licences and therefore can't recieve any more firearms in anyway. they then take your application and money(can't quite remember how much, around $40 Can.) and do a background check and all that stuff. about a month later, if your lucky, they send you your licence. then you find the firearms you want, it can't be on the restriced or prohibited list, those are handguns, rifles and shotguns under a certain length, automatic's, etc. then you have to register your new shotgun either by calling it in or over the internet or whatever, there's a couple differnt ways. then you finally have your shotgun. the restricted and prohibited classes are a whole new set of rules. i can never own any prohibited firearms ever because one has to be grandfathered into those licenses. restriced is most handguns, some rifles, like ar-15's or M-1 carbines, stuff like that. all in all, it's a very long process, and expense, but if you love firearms, you don't have much choice.
  5. Jeremy I hate to differ but the price for an aquisition license is $60.00 and is now the only license available. If you got one in a month you were lucky, mine took an awful lot longer. Any way it is now easier to get restricted weapons, simply by paying a small fee, and taking another short course. Prices vary, as it is privatized, and courses vary in length as well depending on how informed and how much the instructer cares. At least this is the info I got off the toll free number ( 1 800 OCANADA ). Check it out, as who knows, the people answering the phone ain't neccarrarily experts. By the way, I just coined the phrase "Allen Rock's Iron Curtain ", as it's him keeping us from our shooting irons. Figure it's fitting?
    If you get different info, please let me know by e-mail or PM.
  6. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Thanks guys,I think it's a shame to have to go through all that,but I see our country going down the same road.
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy G&G Newbie

    taras, i wasn't sure about the price, your right, of course. when i did mine i got the restricted at the same time and it was more. I'm fairly young and one would think that when i put in an application for restricted they would call my refrences and ask some questions but no, and it only took about 3 or 4 weeks for my licence to come, that was last april, early may. maybe they looked at my test's from the safety course and thought screw it(100% on all of them) i guess junior rifle payed off, along with a great father who is teaching me everything he know's, i don't think i could ever know that much though. The name for rock is fiting. i hate that guy. that's all there is too it. he's an idiot.
  8. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    for a restricted P.A.L. licence it cost $80 mine did anyway. I took my firearms safty along with the hunter ed before 1995 so I did not have to take the handgun test. it took about 2 and 1/2 months for it to get here. Slow slow people working at that place.