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H&R Block gives in to anti-gun zealots

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Shinglekill, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Shinglekill

    Shinglekill G&G Newbie

    Maybe this has been posted before the switch. if not it should be known.

    I found this situation both interesting and disturbing, I thought you might as well...

    Please read the link, take appropriate action, and then pass it on if you want to;

    You might recall, I sent a link about a year ago concerning Rosie's influence on K-Mart to stop selling guns and ammunition. I think we can safely say that her plan worked, K-Mart will not be selling guns & ammo (or anything else) in the future. Hmmm?

    The facts: H&R Block had an agreement with an organization called Memberdrive. Memberdrive made an agreement with the NRA by which the NRA got a royalty for each member who used H&R Block. The anti-gun-rights extremists threatened protests this Saturday in numerous cities. H&R Block caved, severing the deal.
  2. Thanks

    Thanks Shinglekill. I believe that actions such as this should be brought to the attention of all who cherish freedom. Those of us who can see past the ends of our noses know that the assault on our Second Amendment rights has at its roots the desire to remove all our rights.
    It's a terrible shame that so many, mentally shallow, Americans fail to understand this and, as a result, support the efforts of a few to destroy our way of life.
    I hope all who read here will sign the petition.

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  3. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Kmart still sells firearms and ammo, are you talking they will not soon?

    Do your own taxes, get the software its easy!
  4. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    K-mart is still in business here in Tally-town, but the last time I was in there they had two cheap single-barrel shotguns, and little ammo.
    Rosie is the perfect example of the type of parasite that feeds on it's host, eventually killing the host.
    The K-mart lot is always near empty, and I don't expect them to hold out for long. Wal-Mart has this town sewed up. Except for two expensive gunshops, Wallyworld is the only game in town for the shooter. We do have some good employees in the sporting goods department, and our Wallyworld is good to the hunters. If we want anything out of the ordinary, we mail order it. The two gunshops cater to the "Eddie Bauer" crowd. We simple good ol' boys feel decidely unwanted there. Maybe we should get Rosie to work for 'em?
  5. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    I signed mine.
  6. Shinglekill

    Shinglekill G&G Newbie

    My apologies on the K-Mart thing. Here in our section of New York, K-Mart pulled all guns and ammo out of the stores about a year ago, it has been our understanding that this was brought about by pressure from various different anti-gun organizations. One of which uses Rosie O' as a spokesperson. Since then all (of the 5) K-Marts in our area have since gone out of business and closed. When K-Mart announced their bankruptcy, I assumed the same thing was happening all over, my bad.

    Wal-Mart probably had more of an effect on K-Mart's demise than the boycotting by gun owners. But the timely coincidence makes for good news.

    On a related note, also in our area, Wal-Mart had removed all handguns and handgun ammo from their shelves. You can imagine the confusion as people wanted 22LR, 45ACP, 9MM... for their carbines. Has this happened in your areas?
  7. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Well Walmart in Smithfield, which is a Super Walmart, is like pretty big with hunting supplies, then also another big place is Bass Pro Shop in Concord, wow that place is like huge, and I will continue to support both but since I live closer to Smithfield I will prolly be spending that money at Walmart
  8. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie

    Kmart in SE WI will not sell handguns or hangun ammunition. We do not shop them anymore.
  9. The only thing that would damage Wal-Mart in West Virginia is they start reducing gun and ammo inventory of any kind, haven't yet. Us hillbillys won't stand for it just ask K-Mart, they brought back all guns and ammo and so far saved the stores. Rosies opinion don't mean Jack _____ here.
  10. Here in california, at least in sacramento, wal-mart sells rifles and shotguns, rifle, shot and hangun ammo. K-mart only sells rifle ammo, but they do sell 22 cal rimfire, but not 9mm. We do have a local gun shop (about 2 blocks from home) run by some good guys. That is where I buy all of my shooting supplies, they charge approx 30% more than wal mart, but when I need advice or just want to talk guns they are there. At walmart I have to point out what I want to the clerk and then he still grabs the wrong item.