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H&R receiver

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BishopA4, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. BishopA4

    BishopA4 G&G Newbie

    My H&R receiver is marked with an S A. Does this stand for springfield armory or something else?

    Thanks, Jonathan
  2. In back of the rear sight on the "heel" or on one of the parts?

  3. BishopA4

    BishopA4 G&G Newbie

    Its below the woodline on the receiver. All other parts are springfield though. Could springfield have rebuilt a rifle with an H&R receiver?
  4. BishopA4

    BishopA4 G&G Newbie

    No one has any ideas. Its got a new stock and parkerizing is 100%. Its got a pre war barrel date 9-41.
  5. What's the TE on the barrel

    What's the TE on the barrel? I have a 57,xxx Springfield that would love that time period barrel. I do not believe H&R was producing Garands at that date. Contact me SHADDOWNONE@CS.COM to see if we could work something out.
    MY H&R came with a LMR barrel or the time peroid. Does that stand for Luger or Mariln ? :)
  6. Where did you get it?

    CMP has been selling just receivers for a few years, maybe someone put it together ?? If it is a fairly new barrel, I'm about to shed tears.

    The new stock, Pre-war barrel and Korean receiver is why this comes to mind. What are the drawing numbers on the OP-ROD, Bolt and other components???
  7. BishopA4

    BishopA4 G&G Newbie

    Everything is springfield but the receiver. bolt is 6528287-sa then z-2. Op rod is d35382 6 sa. Trigger group 6528290 sa. Receiver has d 28291-9 sa under woodline. Barrel sa 9-41. Receiver serial number is in the 5 million range. What is TE I'm farily new to garands and shooting?
  8. BishopA4

    BishopA4 G&G Newbie

    I got it at a gun shop. It was supposedly bought at a garage sale in the early 70's.
  9. fairly new too, but it is addicting

    T/E is short for throaght erosion. It is an indication of useable life left in the barrel.
    loads of info. You can find the gauges for 70 - 80 bucks for the 30.06 and 308.
    Best bet is to take to a smith for an inspection. Try to find a good old gent not a new fangeled poly razmataz type kid who won't know an op rod catch from a follower. Relax, read the materials out there. It's all over the net. Check this site daily, I learn something new each time I do.

    Go to WWW.ODCMP.COM loads of info there too. Try a Garand Match. it goes on and on, and they say drugs are addictive...
  10. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Re: What's the TE on the barrel

    LMR is Line Material something , suspose to be very good barrels .

    H&R & IHC made Garands after the start of the Korean War .

    god Bless