H110 & W296 for 357 and 44 mags

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jrc, May 16, 2002.

  1. jrc

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    I have used Alliant 2400 for both 357 and 44 mag in a GP100 and Super Redhawk with positive results.

    I am considering either H110 / W296 in the 44 mag for hunting due to being able to get a more out of the new 250 grain Nosler Partition. I also use Hornady 240 XTPs.

    For those who have used either H110 or W296, how are they to use relative to loading ease (do they like to stick to funnels, etc,) and are they fairly clean burning as far as minimal residue.

    I load individually and the 2400 has been very non-stickey/magnetic and I would say shoots fairly clean (minimal residue).

    The above is prompted as the Nosler 250 sits deep into the case due to the cannelure being high to maintain below max cartridge length.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Jack O

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    I load for both with Win296 . I have seen no excessive residue. It is worth saying that 296 needs a heavy crimp and magnum primers as far as it sticking to the funnel I haven't had any problems. Hope this helps ya

  3. duck223

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    I use the h110 in my SRH 480,no problems in the funnel,pretty consistant across the Chrony,I think it,s pretty clean.

  4. sadiehn

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    I use h110 in my S&W 44 mag 8 3/8 and shoots real good aint put the load threw the chrony yet but with 24.5 grains and a 240 xtp its moving
  5. jerry

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    have used both, H-110 smells better when fired. Not trying to be wise, that is honestly the only difference I found.
  6. tonto

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    The 296 is very consistent in my powder measure, the 2400 is an excellent powder. My buddy uses the h110 for his hunting loads and while on the range I too must add- it smells better, for all out power i would have to choose h110 it tends to be 100 fps faster than the others using 240 grain jacketed bullets, and it's velocity tends to stay more stable regardless of temperature. I live in florida and hunt in Adirondacks (NY) so biggg difference in ambient temp. but Hodgons powder works excellent in any situation or at least my chrony says so. My problem is I take what i can get at the gun shop