Had a GREAT Phone talk with Frenchy Today!

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  1. After quite a lot of lost e-mails (not going thorugh), and thanks to the help of Texnmidwest as an e-mail go-between, after several missed chances, I finally got to talk to Frenchy, aka Dale! Talked for an hour, and felt like I've known him for years! I feel like his has been my friend since childhood, and I have very few friends (I keep it that way on purpose). Overall it was just an uplifting time! People like Dale, Tex, Rich, and all you others are the reason I can't stay away from this site!

    Dale: Thanks for the time spent! It was an conversation I've needed for a while. Because of a few things we talked about, I felt afterward the need to listen to this song, which I did, and the need to regain my closeness with the Saviour, Jesus Christ. (It is what this county needs desparatly, in my opinion.):

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s52kGgFzRKI&feature=related"]YouTube - TobyMac - City On Our Knees (Slideshow With Lyrics)[/ame]
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    good voice good message

  3. CrazyIvan

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    Good song, but dont agree on his voice being good. It is synthesized to the song.
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    Band of Fellers

    Mark the pleasure was mine my friend, it was so GOOD to hear your voice!
    I'm very thankful for a friend like Tex for working to make it possible for Mark and I to become even closer friends...all of you have made me feel
    so blessed: A family...A Band of Fellers
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    Glad Tex was able to help, and that you two enjoyed a good chat !!