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Well y'all I had a spectacular day at the range today. I decided to try a new place that I've never been to before even though it's closer to me than the one I usually go to, however it is an indoor range only pistol & .22 rifle; which is OK sometimes. Today I really wanted to get the mp22c out again since last time I had it out it was shooting left a good few inches and i didn't have the right tools to adjust the sights. I got a new set of tools and luckily one of them works like a charm on the rear sight windage adj. I got it pretty close to spot on, also both the ruger and the S&W performed without a single malfunction, i put 60 rounds through the sr9c and about 100 through the mp22c. last time( first time shooting new in box) the .22 short stroked on some federal bulk box, but today it ate it up.

Not only did the pistols perform well but I must say im proud of my shooting. I dont know the exact distance, something like 10-15 yards, let me know what you think). But certainly at the longer end of self defense ranges, and yes I consider the mp22c a defensive pistol in certain scenarios.

Just check out the groups! most of the larger holes are 9mm, 5 shot groups with the occasional 10 shot group. on the left center you can see 20 rnds of .22 from the s&w once i got it sighted in. on the center right is 5 rounds of my 9mm defense load, hornady american gunner 124 grn +P. top right is 5 rnds of 124 gr fmj. all the rest is 115 gr fmj, all rem umc. the older gent next to me leaned over and said " nice shooting!" he was getting larger groups at the same distance with a full size fancy looking 1911. keep in mind the sr9c is just a 3.4" barrel and a pretty short grip. The mp22c is no precision target pistol but Im getting better with it.

And this place is less than 10 minutes away! they did have a savage model 10 fcm, .308 irons, scope rail, very nice used gun and almost exactly what i've had my eye on, but they wanted $879 for it.... i checked and it looks like buds has them new for 679... what the heck are they thinking!
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