Halloween vs Christmas

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  1. Brother Bob

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    I think it’s important that Christmas is the biblical birth of Christ. There’s much speculation as to the true date and the fact that there is even a Christ. I find it troubling that it’s okay to celebrate Halloween and not Christmas. Jews and Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs, yet it’s okay to celebrate Halloween! Let’s put more fear in a fearful society as I type this! Let’s give out treats that cause dental intervention! But God help you if you put up a manger and cross in your front yard! You’re liable to have authorities or ill mannered neighbors descending on your property with pitchforks and torches! What the Hell has our country devolved to? Do that many Americans hate this country that much? I say stand your ground and let the malcontents bitch and moan while you celebrate your life and happiness as we have a God given right to do! Put up your religious symbols, lights, etc. until it is banned. Never mind the “Karen’s” of the world! Enjoy your life as you see fit. I’m going to.
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  2. mitchr

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    My folks didn't much believe in Halloween. My first, & only "trick or treat" was when I was 16! I & a couple of my friends, at the last minute, decided to go trick or treating, along with the youngsters.:oops:

    Got some weird looks! A couple of places, they commented that we were a bit old. I imagine some of them thought we were out for the tricking part, more than the treats. :p
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  3. PaleHawkDown

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    It is a shame that instead of trying to push for more of a return to the idea of "All Saints Day" (All Hallows Day and the preceding Hallow'e'en') so many churches decided to make the whole day taboo.

    People worry about the attacks on Easter and Christmas, and there is much cause to worry. Not least of which is that they are the only "Holy Days" left on the calendar, and even the two of them were once multi-day affairs (Advent to Boxing Day, and Easter to Pentecost).

    Basically, to me, the scariest thing about an attack on Christmas holidays is that we have given up so many days set aside for God and his works already.
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    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Given our country's history, as much as this would be deleted by the leftists, what the framers sought was their freedoms and liberties. To be free to make their lives as they saw fit .
    Give me liberty or give me death shouted Patrick Henry in Virginia of all places in 1775 , to which I ask, are our convictions to our beliefs held in such a manner any longer ? How about turning a loaded cannon on your own home that was being held by the enemy?
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    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    I accidentally posted above, before I was done researching .
    Anyway, my point being about having your views and beliefs and the determination to stand behind them.
  6. savage12755a

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    I had a discussion a few years back about Christmas being Jesus' birthday. My opponent insisted that biblical forensics indicated that Jesus was born in September not December. My argument was, since life begins at conception, Jesus' life began in December, therefore we celebrate the beginning of his life In December. And yes, the church, in an attempt to convert heathens and agnostics, decided to combine the celebration of Christ's life with one or more pagan celebrations.
  7. Big Dog

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    Same here, a few of us went out during high school.
    Later, during Christmas we actually went around a posh neighborhood singing carols. Only one nice older lady asked us in for hot chocolate, as it was cold that night.
    Never did either again.
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  8. reverendg

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    I understand that there is more data to support Christmas not being the true birthday, that is of little matter. It is the day chosen to commemorate His birth.
    The church was rife with pagan intermixing, mainly to ease conversion of pagans. That is sad, and has in cases overtaken the spirit of the holiday. I mean, how does one reconcile Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection with fertility celebrations, named after the pagan goddess Eostre. Grass, eggs, bunnies....all fertility symbols.
    I prefer to focus on the reality of the events. I don’t worry about what others do, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Kids like Easter baskets and treats, just make sure they know what counts behind all of their good fortune.
  9. Kellen

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    Halloween has its roots in the Christian calendar, albeit indirectly.

    There’s an ancient Greek word called “apotropaion” which means to magically ward off or turn away evil. That’s where the notion comes from that magic amulets or charms can ward off evil, although they are usually called “good luck charms" to keep the focus positive. Also things like crossing your fingers, carrying a rabbit's foot, knocking on wood, etc. Another aspect of apotropaic tradition was to install grotesque imagery on buildings, especially around doorways and windows, to keep evil spirits from entering such entry points. Thus we see gargoyles and other grotesques on churches such as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It's that tradition which led to carving pumpkins into grotesque images and placing them on porches on October 31st as a way to keep spirits of the dead from entering homes. Why spirits of the dead on the last day of October? Because that is All Hallows' Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, which begins the Christian observance of Allhallowtide, the three-day remembrance of the dead in the Christian calendar.
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  10. bobvonb

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    ... back in the day, at Catholic school we had more liturgy and more Holy Days 'of obligation', including having Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter off (with lots of special liturgies from Thursday through Saturday) when our public school friends had the week after Easter off. We always thought it was nice that All Saints Day was a day off too, allowing us a day to eat all that candy we gathered on All Hallows Eve the night before. Ascension Thursday was a day off too, and a good time to go to a less crowded Disneyland and meet Catholic School girls too. Now some of those days have been downgraded or moved to the nearest Sunday. Times change...
  11. TheWall

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    The anti-Christmas people are the same liberals that are against the Constitution and everything else us true American Patriots believe in. Well, I think you see people celebrating Halloween because they are tired of these morons telling us how we should live. Think you'll see the same thing come Christmas. We need to stop giving into the minority groups just because someone said it's political correct. Who really cares about the liberal media and the rest of the liberal morons anyway. The minority needs to come up and meet the majority. Not the other way around. If you don't want to then you'll just have to be satisfied being the minority and that's on you.
  12. Junction15

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    My calendar shows holidays/religious days like Hannukah, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Kwaanza, Holi, Tax Day, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Eid al-Hada, Ramadan, and a host of others - as well as the traditional Christian days.
    Sadly, Columbus Day is now called indigenous people day.

    I really care not if folks want to celebrate their holidays, or other special days. Put in "Tree-Hugging Day" too if they want (dunno but there might be one).

    I am pretty sure every one of those special days can be twisted around to mean something negative to someone.
    Removing those is like eliminating Christmas for everyone because many people have lost a loved one on that day.
    (I'm not being callous, Christmas will always remind me of my mother - and that she always loved that day and would want my family to love it too.)

    If an individual, or group, does not want to celebrate a holiday for any reason, that is their right. But they should not then replace that with a different "holiday" - meaningless to others - and expect that should now receive the utmost of observance by all.

    The tail does NOT wag the dog. It may look like it does sometimes - but it doesn't.
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  13. Dragunov

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    Was there a Christ? Of course. He was born around, or right before the Feast of the Tabernacles (end of September).

    Christmas? Pagan (Saturnalia).
    Halloween? Pagan, of course.
    Easter? Also pagan (Ishtar worship. Christians should avoid).

    Personally, I couldn't POSSIBLY care LESS what you celebrate. That's between you, and God.

    I celebrate Thanksgiving, and Resurrection (With a Seder meal). That's it.
  14. chris l2018

    chris l2018 G&G Evangelist

    In Britain people have been celebrating the mid-Winter soltice for thousands of years; Stonehenge is about 4,500 years old, and there are thousands of 'henges' about that age being found all over, so it must have been a significant point on the calendar.

    If you lived in the Northern Hemisphere, you'd feel like celebrating when the shortest days pass, and you know you've made it through another Winter!

    2,500 years later, Christianity adopted a mid Winter festival, as did Pagans, Vikings et al.

    Call it what you will, just wrap up warm/stay cool, raise a glass, and toast to the human condition.

    We've come a long way and have a lot further to go yet...
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  15. BigEd63

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    Here's another thing to toss out there.

    But you'll need an understanding of Hebrew calendars.
    Look up the day the biblical flood happened in the Hebrew calendar and over lay it with the current one.
    Happens to be around this time of the year although it does shift more than a bit at times.
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  16. Ten Man

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    Getting wrapped around the axle about Holidays is a bit pointless, when you acknowledge there are plenty of miscreants out there that would LOVE to eliminate ALL of them for you.

    They have been steadily whittling away at them, just like they have done with Constitutional law, Church, God, Christian religion, Prayer, History of our nation, Bill of Rights, etc.

    It is a communist agenda, and it is being pushed, constantly. If you go into agreement with it, you become part of the movement toward slavery of all mankind.
  17. Gun Junkie

    Gun Junkie G&G Evangelist

    None of those mentioned are Holy (set apart) days. They are all pagan traditions of men. Our Father's 7 set apart Holy days are clearly laid out in Scripture.
    All of them relate to our Messiah. The 4 Spring feasts came to pass at His first coming, and the 3 remaining Fall feasts will come to pass when He returns to rule and reign, and bring His children home.
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  18. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    Was it King Herad who sent the three wise men to see if the Baby Jesus was indeed the savori and return to let him know so that he could have Him destoyed? and isn't his temple being restored even today at the cost of millions? :confused:
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  19. BigEd63

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    No, probably not more likely "Eastern" astrologers.
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  20. PaleHawkDown

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    There was an article in one of the Biblical Archaeological magazines a couple of years ago that focused on Biblical mirroring, and speculated that Jesus was born in the same month as Moses based on a couple of pieces of similar scripture.

    We know Moses was born in Mid-February (Adar 7). The author further backed his claim by stating that the most common time of the year for a census was late Winter/early Spring as that would ensure the farmers were free to come.

    The evidence was pretty much all circumstantial, but it was compelling.

    Back in the 1980s there was a theory that Jesus was born in June or July based on star charts and how they would have aligned based on the Biblical account of Christ's birth. I think that one was debunked, but I do not remember how, and the internet is almost useless anymore.

    To me, December is as good of a time to celebrate His birth as any, since any other date is merely speculative, all the Saturnalia, Mithras and Yule stuff notwithstanding.
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