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Be careful because it is often that the cheaper priced saws don't cut for beans. Old used saws are probably dull already.
Yes but the old saws can be sharpened and they're worth the time and effort.

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Just find the people who earn their living using a hand saw all day long, every day, and look at what THEY USE.

Wonderment :)
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animalspooker: Sir; I know nothing 馃. It is fun to explore 馃榿

USA Made Western Log Saw

Traditional Log Saw sometimes called a Bull Saw This log saw shares the same crosscut tooth pattern as other lumberjack saws without the larger size that can make them unwieldy. This 30" blade saw with 4tpi cuts is the perfect choice for

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the silky saws are popular with the buschcrafter folks, for good reason, good quality and compact.

but, they are too expensive for me.

I bought a fiskars "bow style" saw from the local lowes for about $30 i think. it works very well for the limited times i need to use it, mostly to cut small branches for firewood.

also, I found at a garage sale a ooold burpee saw blade that was made in...WEST GERMANY..

very good quality and super sharp though, anyways, it didnt have the handle part that was supposed to come with it, so i never really used it much other than cutting sod to lay in the yard around certain spots that a square piece didnt fit. worked perfectly!

imagine someone making that saw what, 40 years ago in west germany, probably never could imagine that someone colorado would be using it so many years later.

anyways, you dont have to go fancy/ expensive to get a good saw.
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