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  1. I have hunted deer with a S&W 28, A 1911 .45 ACP and Colt SAA .45 Colt.
    Now these are Texas Hill Country Deer, a 100 pounder is big, most are between 85 and 90 pounds. I did take a WT Buck closer to home, he was about 125 pounds. I've never lost a deer or had one run farther than 25 yards before dropping.
    I have had people give me a hard time about hunting with anything smaller than a really hot .45 Colt or a .44 Mag.
    What do ya'll consider to light for deer?
  2. lefty o

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    for me the 44mag is probably the smallest i'd ever use. note that smaller guns will take deer if used inside of reasonable limits with good shot placement.

  3. So you know, I don't shoot game with a handgun if they're farther than 25 yards away.
  4. lefty o

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    thats excellent. if you know your limits, your golden.
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    Mike Franklin: Sir; my long gun barrels are rusted shut.:09: My handguns are about wore out:)
    Aint no more fun to be had; than hunting with .357, .44. Sir; for me; it's all about seeing how close I can get. Passing up a crawled in 10yd shot:) I win. Groceries are at Food Lion, hunting is for the pleasure of being outside:)
    Shooting a squirrel @25yds:09: bouncing a bunny:) with a Single Six
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    Our police force use a 9mm for humans and they weigh well over 300 pounds sometimes, so why not use what you have as long as you are comfortable that it can drop the animal down humanely? I know of a guide i befriended who guide black bear hunts with a 357 magnum. He has taken over a dozen bears with it and we are talking about 400-680 pound bears.
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    .357 Maximum @ 100 yards, .357 Magnum (loaded to original specs) @ 75 yards, .45 Long Colt @ 50 yards...never used a .45 ACP, .41 or .44 Magnum or any of the other big-bores. Knowing your limit is mandatory. It isn't just a question of power; it's also how far away you can shoot accurately with every pull of the trigger.
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    I agree for deersize game or hogs.With the right bullet for the game the .44mag will serve nicely.Forget the long range stuff.Practice out to 50yds,be a skilled hunter,use enough gun,and come back and tell us how good you are,first in practice,and then in hunting. sam.

    HARDERTR Guest

    Most of my deer taken in the past several years were Hill Country sized deer (Seguin and San Angelo), and most were taken with my 44 mag at under 30 yards. I have a 357 that I always WANT to take out instead, but I never have.

    When I go out, I am out for the HUNT, I don't go out to test the abilities of my guns. I KNOW my 44 will take down anything I point it at. I don't like the idea of assuming a 357, 9mm or 22 mag for that matter will do the job MOST of the time.

    On the other hand..... I did all but quit using my rifles all together because there wasn't much of a challenge using them in the type of hunting I do. Deer at 100 yards with a rifle (and especially with a scope) is like shooting fish in a barrel. That is why I switched to bow or pistol. It adds more of a challenge...just like I'm sure using a smaller caliber pistol will.

    My next challenge is going to involve loading up my Mosin and K31 for deer.
  10. I have killed several deer in NW Arkansas with a 357 mag. 125 gr hollow point. I dont think any smaller would apply, then again shot placement is the key.
  11. I agree MW! I wouldn't fall short of a hot loaded .357.
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    I dont hunt deer with handguns especially now that my sight is faliling, my bones creak, and my wind is getting nonexhistant. For some reason, I have never been that great with a handgun. In otherwords, Elmer Kieth I am not.
    I have known those who do hunt with handguns and the smallest cartridge I've heard used from the was .38 spec. Usually they use 357 or 44 mags.
  13. I hunted with a guy who hunted with a .38 special for deer.