Hang yer deer?

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  1. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    Yes, No?

    We don't hang ours to speak of. We kill it butcher it and have it vaccum sealed within about 2 hours of the shot.

    We don't use the ribs.
  2. same here i butcher same day if posible some say hang for awhile makes taste better i didnt think it was any defferent than theres

  3. rl69

    rl69 G&G Evangelist

    i quarter mine up and put them on ice for about 7 days puring the blood off every few days
  4. Mooseman684

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    Any Game meat or Beef should be hung and aged...It gives the enzymes in the meat time to break down and it makes the meat more tender, more flavorful and juicy when cooked.Also makes it taste less Gamey.
    I usually hang Moose quarters for a month at 40 degrees or less and let it get Moldy on the outside, then butcher it , and remove the "Rind" of mold on the outside, OMG...It is Like Prime aged beef and if you never had true aged beef, you dont know what you are missing.
    The difference is Night and day in quality.
  5. TheLastMountain

    TheLastMountain G&G Evangelist

    Hang mine for three days, temp permitting.
  6. MosinMan

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    Like this? :D


    Or hang their legs off the tail gate like this? Ok I'll stop pickin.

    We used to kill a lot of our deer in the afternoon and would gut them in the field most of the time, and then hang them up by their hind legs for at least the night and part of the next morning. After that we would skin it, chop the head off, legs off at the "knee's", quarter it, and put it on ice. We kept everything that had substantial amounts of meat on it including the ribs.
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  7. blaster

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    when I lived up North I would hang deer unless it was below 0. down here in South Fla., you better put it on ice within an hour or it will rot.
  8. Billyz

    Billyz G&G Newbie

    We like to hang them for 4 or 5 days temperature permitting. If its above 45 degrees during the day then we just butcher as soon as possible.
  9. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    its generally around 50-70 degrees during the early hunting season here which is my guess as to way we never have hung anything. I also grew up with an uncle that raised cattle and he never hung his either. The beef was always tender and never gamey. Living in NE, Moose i have had everything from week aged to fresh, I prefer the fresh I honestly haven't noticed a difference in tenderness of favor, there is a deffinate difference in smell of the raw product, but that does not seem to translate into the flavor much...or at least not that i can detect.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    Aged is always better to me, temperature permitting. Have you ever had hung pheasant ?? Lordy that's some gooooooood eatin' !!
  11. BigElkCanoe

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    If'n tha good Lord had intended fer you eat it He would'nt have put feathers on it.

  12. stinkybriches

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    does the meat sit in water. you want to avoid haveing the meat sit in water if at all possible, but sitting on fresh ice is fine.
  13. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    well when I lived in northern climates I could hang the deer. Where I live now it is not a good idea to do.
  14. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    I think the popularity of Novembers season is due to hangers.
  15. YES

    Definitely hang and age my deers. I do all the butchering for myself and several buddies every year. Good cold November days and the old metal barn stays nice and cold to hang them in the rafters for 3-5 days or whatever work schedule permits!

    If weather warms up it usually stays pretty cool in the barn but will put bags of ice in the body cavity. Someday I am gonna insulate a shed and put an AC unit on it and go first class LOL!