Happy 4th of July

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  1. I'd like to take a moment and wish everyone on the board a joyous and safe 4th. Between the BBQ, hot dogs, potato salad, fireworks and the cold liquid beverage of your choice, please take a moment and reflect on the events of this past year. Many ordinary Americans were sacrificed by the whims of a few mad men. And now many more brave American volunteers are in harms way trying to destroy those mad men. Please join me in raising a glass in memory of and in support of those Americans.

    Happy 4th everyone.
  2. Jesse

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    Thanks! A big happy 4th to all GunandGame members!



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    Thank you Jesse and Dallas, even though I gotta work a 12 hr shift I won't be too mad at you guys having fun!!! Have a safe and happy 4th everybody.
  4. Somebody brought up Red Skelton's pledge of allegiance speech the other day--well I heard it again today on the radio--since I was a boy two words have been added to the pledge.--Under God-because of these two words-- will it be considered a prayer and banned in schools. His words. I only quoted the end of his statement.