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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 7mmag6, Aug 12, 2002.

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    ignore our idiotic posts, welcome, we need a welcome format to welcome new people, something like a welcome wagon, nice to see you happy kaboomer
  2. I'm still waiting for my free toaster and 100 S & H Green Stamps for registering, he he he he.

    (watch........some one will ask, "What are S&H Green Stamps?")


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    My mother used to get all kinds of goodies with S&H greenstamps, even had an outlet store here years ago where you could directly pick your stuff up.
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    Welcome wagon! - iffin's they can take as much as they can dish out, then they are alright by me!
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    you know we did the welcome thing when the site was first growing I think we all just got so busy that we didn't notice we had passed 1000 on the site so quickly
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    WELL AT LEAST WE COULD BUY EM A BEER, welcome to the nut house
  7. S$H green stamps. Dont forget the Gold bond stamps. Just as good.
  8. Eric

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    I remember looking thru the catalog saying, "look mom, we can get this!"
  9. You gentlemen are really making me feel my age--15.
  10. KIDS


  11. Don't remember that but I remember when Circke K (just like a 7-11 store) used to sell shotgun shells and .22 ammo. What a deal. A bad guy could go in the store at 2a.m. with an empty gun, buy some ammo and rob the place. And there were no such thing as surveillance videos either.
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    Times have really changed.

    That's nuttin...when I was a 15 yr old kid I'd drop by the local restauant after school and get a piece of cherry pie with ice cream and tell them to put in on my tab. About every two or three weeks I'd pay up and keep my credit good.

    Meantime, the local grocery store owner bit the bullet on several occasions with this system of credit for some of the poorer farmers in my area.

    He knew when they came in the store to stock up on food supplies and clothes for their kids, that he'd actually be donating it to them. He was just that kind of a nice guy. Today most people wouldn't tolerate non-payment and would figure it was not their problem.

    Times have really changed. :nod: