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hard pull

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nick, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. nick

    nick G&G Newbie

    just ordered hammer spring walther pp #20 and a recoil spring mak. #17 hope they are the ones everones been buying for the pa-63:confused:
  2. r_p_bayly

    r_p_bayly G&G Newbie

    I used the Mak 17# recoil spring, and bought the Wolff "kit" with 16-17-18-19 # hammer springs. Right now I am using the 16# hammer, and (keep fingers crossed) no failures at about 50 or 60 founds since spring installation. Trigger pull is "sweet" compared to before.

  3. Scotsman

    Scotsman G&G Newbie

    Are you guys using Makarof springs or PP springs? I am working on a PMK-380 at te moment and it's dementionaly a PP
  4. nick

    nick G&G Newbie

    makarov recoil spring - walther pp/k/s/p38 std hmmr spring 20# mak. is 17#