Hardcore Hungarian project.

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    So I was dumb/stubborn/insert your favorite insulting adjective here, enough to purchase a Hungarian SA 2000M ban configured AK47. It's actually a very nicely built rifle but was intended to appease those who scream liberal, gun hating propaganda at the tops of their lungs.

    I am going to convert this neutered little rifle to full warrior status partly because I feel it's worthy of such attention and partly because of a flawed mental capacity that I seem to have been born with.

    Once the project is finished I will have an awesome full throttle battle rifle with gypsy heritage and of course the necessary US made parts. When I look at this rifle these days I no longer see it as it actually is but rather I see the image of what it shall be. I look forward to restoring the rifle's dignity into something that makes whiny girlie-men soil themselves.

    This undertaking will not be cheap and my wallet will not escape unscathed. Yes, I could buy something else and not have to do all this work but what would be the fun in that?

    I will post before and after pics here so you, my AK brethren, can share in this glorious feat.

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    BTW guys, don't drink and start threads!

  3. you should be banned for saying such blasphemy.....The rule should be if you drink, you MUST start a thread

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Been there, done that. Would you like to see my collection of T-shirts?
  5. ChaZam

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    We luv t-shirts also.
  6. Martin Rage

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    Well where are the before pics?

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Ask and you shall receive.

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  8. BarryHalls

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    No, no, the rule is "Friends don't let friends drink and post pics!"
  9. Paul T

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    Is that an air soft?
  10. franchi

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    ^thats a cruel insult... i like what your doing here, the rifle should be restored to its prior glory.
  11. SwedeSteve

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    Will be looking for pics as you go along.
  12. PSLMAN

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    In this configuration it might as well be.
  13. PSLMAN

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    I'm turning this over to the professionals, the mag well needs to be opened up and the mag latch reconfigured. I'll let them do the hard, important stuff while I refinish the wood I have for it.
  14. Sprout47

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    I am disappointed by this thread... When I heard Hardcore and Hungarian I was expecting something a little more... 'racy' :O
  15. PSLMAN

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    I could have Paul T PM you a pic of him wearing a thong if that makes you feel better.
  16. Sprout47

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    ewwww :(
  17. when you get done, i know a couple "whiny girlie-men" we can try it on, to see if they really soil themselves.
  18. PSLMAN

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    All in the name of scientific research of course.
  19. oh, of course and it'll have to be posted on youtube in the name of science as well.
  20. Mandy

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    Does it has trigger slap?

    aside from the mag, what else you plan on modfying?