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  2. Joe is beyond gone....it is who is handling him that we need to be concerned about...If the Harris/Biden ticket wins there are people behind the scenes that will be making the calls and not one of them is accountable to the voters
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    Yes indeed, he is merely the face of the left...... It sure seems to me that of all possibilities to be a 'front man' they ended up with daffy, gaffy. He wears the same look as a low handicap golfer who has just whiffed his tee ball.
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    He'd be tragically funny, if he wasn't such a clear and present danger to our nation. THIS is the cream of the democrat crop? More like the turd that floated to the top of the political cesspool.
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    Nope, Joe is just a useful idiot that gets us to a Harris presidency with Pelousy in line to probably be the vice president. Joe is just a stepping stone and the supreme court nomination now is just another volatile distraction that they'll exploit to attempt to make that happen.
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    That would make a great comedy-drama sitcom.

    "Funny" Uncle Joe
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    anyone else remember why Joe got removed from his presidential race in 87'?
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    New York
    Why is there never a Dalek around when you need one?
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