Has anyone ever ate Bison before

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    Had some Bison burgers today. And they were something else, good solid meat and not grainy like store bought ground beef. Almost enough to make leave beef alone. Does anybody know where to buy in bulk?
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    Some years ago I ate a bison burger too, and found it to be a tasty variation to the standard burger...

    There are bison being raised like cattle and for sale in this part of the country.

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    if you have a sam's club close, you could check with them. if they don't have it, they can order it. and yes it is very good.
  4. most of the buffalo burgers and steak on the market is Beefalo (cross bred beef and bison) thay breed them for the beef fat adds a little flavor to the meat, but yes if you shop around you can get the real deal.
  5. I don't know where to buy it, but a restaurant where I occasionally eat breakfast offers ground 'buffalo' patties for breakfast. Makes a nice change from ham, sausage or bacon.

    I've also cooked some a friend gave me, and it was a mild-tasting, fairly dry, lean meat compared to pork or beef. I pan-fried it slowly with a pat of herbed and seasoned butter wrapped in the middle of each patty, and it came out very tasty.
  6. I've never personally had any and have seen it advertised on T.V for sale. I've been curious to try it but I'd be about the only one. Plus ordering it off the T.V. is something I'm not all that ready to do yet. Rather find it being served in a restaurant, try it and THEN if I liked it order some. I'd also have to lie just to get others to "try" it. lol
  7. I haven't had an opportunity to try it either, but would like to.
  8. Do you really think people would refuse to eat it if they knew what it was? I've had problems with a wife and foster daughters who were adamant about not eating Thumper or Bambi, but no one even thought twice about digging into the buffalo burgers.
  9. Yes I do T2K. Here anyhow. I mean even when it comes to fish, because of the smell mainly,my wife won't eat it, unless it's the frozen crap and believe you me, when she gets and makes it she don;t here the end of how that isn't fish that it's chemicals and all that. And my son, because he's heard mom say yuck, he says yuck. So fish isn't even eaten here unless it's by me.

    Trust me, they hear these words any and every time the issue/s come/s up. What you going to do if that's all there is to it? And the reply, become a vegetarian. Then they get, and if it's really bad where nothing will grow, the answer is, then I guess I'll die, cuz I aint eating none of that. lmao

    I have a feeling if it came down to it, where that's all there was or starving, they would.

    I'm truly even ashamed to admit what I just did. I suppose when you've never been brought up with it, as my wife wasn't, you can't eat it. I grew up with cousins who hunted then took me as I got older. I've had rabbit,duck,deer,pheasant,quail, fish (walleye,bass,trout,northern pike,cod,salmon,crappie,blue gill, calamari(squid)yuck didn't like that, and a few other type of fish.

    As far as my son, since he's never been around it, families aren't around like they were when I was his age, and since the wife doesn't eat it she don't buy it and I'm not going to kill an animal if I'm the only one that will be eating it. So he's never had it for those reasons. I'm sure I could get him to try certain things, but some things aren't worth fighting about. It's been a struggle, but I've finally learned to pick my battles. lmao

    So again, to answer your question, I know for a fact certain people would refuse to eat it if they knew what it was.
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  10. I don't think my wife or son would eat it. But they might,
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    it tastes like chicken...
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    Tastes a lot like beef but it is really lean so you have to compensate or it will be dry.
  13. Midas

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    I sometimes get buffalo summer sausage from Sportsman's Warehouse, and I really like it
  14. I have had it ground, steaks, and roast. A+.
  15. In the late 70s buffalo was cheap. My family would eat it all the time. It'm not marbled so you don't cook it as long as beef. I'd love to have a freezer full.
    We grilled a steak once that was about 3" thick and maybe 2' across, covered the whoile grill, it was great.
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    New York
    I had buffalo jerky once. It's the perfect meat to make into jerky. There was a restaurant that specialized in exotic meats near where I worked in NYC that had bisonburgers, but they were disappointing, They were always dried out and if you wanted to eat it, you had to be sure to have mayonnaise on the bun. I don't think they knew how to prepare and cook itproperly; they treated it like it was ground beef.

    I wonder how ground buffalo mixed with ground sausage and made into burgers would work?
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    I worked in a restaurant during college that featured a different "exotic" meat every month. We got to eat buffalo, ostrich, rattlesnake, and shark, to name a few. I did like the buffalo and ostrich, but didn't care much for the others. I think its really a shame that people won't even try something just because it doesn't fit into whats considered normal. Around my house if we didn't eat some type of wild game (deer, turkey, fish, whatever) once a week we would go nuts.
  18. Thanks for that link. After getting CHF in October a Shama told me to go to the the Deer and Buffalo to heal. And I am. We have to go back to natural grain fed meat. The other stuff is well the other stuff. Love the taste of Bison.
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    Try Kroger stores. The Fred Meyer stores (owned by Kroger) here in Anchorage sell "buffalo" and it is not the "beefalo" hybrid.