Has anyone gone outto shoot anything but a target with their M1's?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by GrassHoppa, Sep 16, 2002.

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    I was going out gopher shooting with my good friend and I brought along my Garand and a couple other .22's. I know, I know, FAR too much rifle for gopher shooting but I had a good time with it and man I could pick them off with it! I haven't done a lot of shooting before but the rifle pretty much does it for you at anything under 75 yards.

    The real reason I posted was because while we were out at the farm, they also had some badgers out there which hunt the gopher population as well, and I almost got one. We found it sort of stuck out in the middle of the field and I guess it was digging a gopher hole out. The badger was kind of stuck out away from it's own holes and it knew we were there. My friend and I were driving around in my girlfriends gold Ford Focus! The badger knew we were there and it kept poking it's head out and watching us but not enough for me to take a shot. We both waited for the thing to show and I only had 2 rounds left in my clip, so I went to eject both my rounds and put in a new clip so when it came out we could unload on it. My buddy is covering the hole with his FN FAL and while I'm ejecting my rounds, the badger came out and my friend fired off around and missed (had his peep sight rolled up to 300 yards!). So, when I can back up to take a shot, the badger was in it's hole, scared far too much. He waited us out and we had to leave before he came out. GAAAA!! That was our prize trophy, and we couldn't get it because it waited us out. It was fun though.

    Anyway, any stories of your own?
  2. I havent shot gophers but I have shot milk jugs, bowling pins, cinder blocks, canned corn, and stuffed animals. I have also shot at orange golf balls from about 50 yrds. That is a challange. When they get hit it really is a sight to see.

  3. Hmmm, I'll have to go out and bring a bunch of stuff with me next time. Those are soem good ideas though. thanks ITC.


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    Why do you kill badgers? Not judging; just a question.:confused:
  6. i've bowling pins, sheets of aluminum, 1/2'' steel plates, cinder blocks, 2x4s, cabinets, shoes, and at the range i frequent here in california, (lytle creek) they have a HUGE steel cylinder about 1/2" or 3/4" thick set out at 385yds. i once stuck a .30-06AP round in it, still pretty much intact, but thoroughly imbedded in the steel!i have a picture of it some place burried deep in the bowels of my computer.
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    Used mine on chucks, coyots, deer, and bear.
    have yet to find anything I can't drop. allot of fun too.
    I have to ask about the badger too, Why? are they a varmint around your parts, we don't have any here so I just thought I'd ask.
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    Try a gallon paint bucket filled with water and with the lid fastened down. Do not try this at close range or anywhere that does not need a coat of paint!!! It really gives novices an idea of how powerful a high powered rifle really is and that they are not toys to be handled carelessly.

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    Oh ok, well let me explain. The farm I go out to is an organic farm. They cannot use pesticides on the land to keep the gophers away. So you plink away at the gophers and the badgers are there as well because of the gophers. The main reason is that the badgers aren't wanted on their land either is because they have to use this land, and as everyone knows, badgers are a hell of a lot bigger than gophers. Their holes are huge and can string together and are therefor really a wear on the land. It comes down to their livelihood. They make a living off the land and they basicly disrupt that. Hey! Don't get me wrong, I don't REALLY want to kill it. That's why I'm bringing out 'stuff' to shoot next time. So, don't think ill of me, but my family friends don't want the badgers there.
  10. Gophers are a pain in the as s . Besides they help as far as sighting in your M1 !
  11. Stuff to shoot


    This stuff has all fallen under the sights of my M-1, my Beretta 9mm and my .22.

    I must say the M-1 does an especially good job messing things up.

    Cans of creamed corn or diced or chopped tomatoes....
    (I buy em for pennies a piece in the unmarked bin, you're never quite sure what you'll get......Also, I put a few marked cans in the bin for the needy as I feel a little guilty about wasting food.)

    Old CD's. Aol and Earthlink are favorites of mine. Pick em up at video stores and Office Max for the Earthlink ones. (Note, with a properly sighted M-1, in the hands of a skilled shooter, do not aim for the center of the CD! You will think you are missing sometimes. You're not. The bullets are wizzing through the center hole!!!:p )

    Anything laying in the truck, pop cans, paper, magazines etc.....
    Gotta make do sometimes.....

    Golf balls are great, and tough to hit.

    Clay pigeons, whole or chunked up ones.
    The range where I shoot has a shotgunners side, and there are birds layin all over.

    Apples, oranges, potato's, Really ripe watermelon, pumpkins......
    Lotta Farms round here, you can usually pick up spoiled, or soon to spoil produce kinda cheep, or use some that you buy for deer feed........

    I am real fond of taking thngs I hate (things that are total crap and work for sh&t) to the range and blowin the hell out of em....an old digital camera, the toaster that burned one side of on piece of bread, every time, randomly. Also, the printer attached to this puter is gonna get it in about 3 weeks

    Did this out at the farm, took an old box fan, a metal one that would run for a few minutes and seize. Ran a cord to the fan, turned it on high, and shot at the blades near the center. Makes a hell of a mess of noise.
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    At the two ranges (50 and 100 yds) I've frequented in CT with my 43 SA I've popped clay pidgeons, milk jugs a 4" x 4" block of wood (painted white), bowling pins and smallish rocks... The target shooting is pretty satisfying though.
    The range I'll be going to with my father in NJ (out to 300 hundred yards) does not allow anything but paper target shooting on properly sized target stands. Whatever I'm shooting at, I'm happy it's with my Garand(s) and with non match/non modified iron sights only.
    Dave T
  13. In a secluded field, no wind, using Tracers, shoot a 1/16 filled gas can.
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    I shot Elmo with my M1.
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    yesterday, scratch one chipmunk. 90yds one shot with danish surplus ammo.
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    Took the back off a cell phone @ 150yd. Man did it feel good!