Has anyone made any aK Kit Builds??

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  1. Has anyone made any AK Kit Builds??

    If so please share? Pics..info.. tips....

    I've always wanted to try...but haven't gotten around to it yet...

    I bought a kit about a year ago suppose to be Russian..
    Its a really used one. Not sure if its even worth trying on...


  2. I've built 11 of them and I have two more to go. Tell me about this kit you have. Any pics of it?

    Here's a home built Tantal of mine.

    I have a side folder too and it's my beater.

    Both are home built I just never got around to refinising the folder but it's a great shooter.


  3. [​IMG]

    This is my home built beater Tantal.



    Here's another Tantal home built.

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