Has anyone seen one of these?

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    This is rather bizarre, even by my standards. I would love to know exactly how that computerized fire control module works. I would guess it has a CCD imager, like an autofocus camera, and a range finder, and fires the gun when it is aimed properly. It could possibly calculate lead and maybe display it in the viewfinder.
  2. Experimental....fires a three piece spiral projectile that does little damage on impact.

    The spiral projectile breaks apart into three pieces upon entry into body cavity. Each has minature computer radio chip. One tells the body and mind it needs no water. The second tells the body/mind it needs no food. The third monitors the effectiveness of the other two. If one of the two fails the third takes over and puts continual looping mental images of Rosie O'Donnell that the mind cannot erase and the victim suffers a horribly painful mental breakdown followed by a severe desire to commit suicide.

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    wicked toy I guess we will never see a version for us civilians
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    Being a Bullpup lover, I like it. It works out to be just barely legal, length-wise. I'd have to wonder about accuracy at any great distance with that short barrel, but it'd be nice for an entry team.
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    Highly effective computerized three piece projectiles


    With the three piece projectile you described, these guns should be turned on the Taliban forces. (ha) I liked your sense of humor.

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    FN also markets a similiar rifle called the P90. Looks very similiar, but shoots 5.7X28mm ammo; which I know nothing about.
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    isn't the 5.7x28 ammo restricted to the government due to the ballistic being so good
  8. The Five-Seven/P90 is a solution looking for a problem. FN touts its armor piercing capability, but in reality, at close range, it won't do anything an MP5 can't do with appropriate ammo, and a case can be made that it won't do anything more than an M4 can do. The reason FN only sells to government agencies is to increase the hype. Ahh, marketing....
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