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Has my SKS been tampered with previously?

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As a couple of you might remember I bought a Norinco SKS back in January. Stupid me I didn't check it out as thoroughly as I should have-last time that will EVER happen.
With other rifle purchases around the same time, I haven't had a chance to shoot it a whole lot, maybe only 100 or so rounds through it.
Last time I shot it I had a 2 slam fires. I put it back in the corner for another time. Got it out yesterday, and took it apart. I believe the idiot who owned it before me might have tried to make it full auto by tampering with the trigger sear.
- I can cock it, let the action fly forward, and can't switch the SAFETY back and forth 10 times without it fireing-dry fireing it of course.
-If however, I cock it, let the action back VERY SLOWLY, I can switch the safety on and off as much as I need too without it fireing-again dry fireing ;)

What do you guys suggest?

I thought I would order a new trigger assembly for it, and some newer parts.
Need some feedback-this rifle is very dangerous right now and I am not going to take it out again untill I can fix this problem.
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Why not just say "Fire Control Group = Trigger group" in the first place. Simplier is better. :nod: :D
Now BRG3...that wouldn't have made my point. So get on with your acronymns and test us again. :rolleyes: :D And...don't you need to be working on building your custom built computer? :right:

BTW...did you find a career opportunity yet? Haven't heard anything on that subject since close to your graduation time. :wave:
:D :D :D :D :D That's better than being sent up the river.

In that case your acronymns might be something to leave out of your speech.
Are you counseling the homeless hanging out there...or the people fishing? :D
Ok...sorry for the back to Armor's subject of:
Has my SKS been tampered with previously
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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