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Has my SKS been tampered with previously?

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As a couple of you might remember I bought a Norinco SKS back in January. Stupid me I didn't check it out as thoroughly as I should have-last time that will EVER happen.
With other rifle purchases around the same time, I haven't had a chance to shoot it a whole lot, maybe only 100 or so rounds through it.
Last time I shot it I had a 2 slam fires. I put it back in the corner for another time. Got it out yesterday, and took it apart. I believe the idiot who owned it before me might have tried to make it full auto by tampering with the trigger sear.
- I can cock it, let the action fly forward, and can't switch the SAFETY back and forth 10 times without it fireing-dry fireing it of course.
-If however, I cock it, let the action back VERY SLOWLY, I can switch the safety on and off as much as I need too without it fireing-again dry fireing ;)

What do you guys suggest?

I thought I would order a new trigger assembly for it, and some newer parts.
Need some feedback-this rifle is very dangerous right now and I am not going to take it out again untill I can fix this problem.
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Sounds like it has been moronized. Does the trigger/sear show file marks? Seems really unlikely that this would be the result of natural wear. I seen an AK couple, three months back, that would fire when the bolt is closed. The moron tried to get a 2 ounce trigger pull on it. With a file! Classic example of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."
I'll have a look-see in the shop tomorrow. I have an SKS parts gun. I don't recall if it still has the trigger assy. on it. If it has, I'll talk to the owner nicely (a good friend of mine) and I might be able to get it for you.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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