Hate Crime

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  1. Because for whatever only whites can commit hate crimes (Ha! Just tanned enough to be in the clear neiner neiner) but agreed.....if it had been a group of white boyos this would have been on ever new station in seconds and the entire "ethnic group here" community would be demanding justice and decrying how horrible everyone is.

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    Whites don't have an Al Sharpton.
  3. Being on dail up I can't watch the video. Was it pretty bad ?
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    It absolutely blows the mind to think that the supposedly brightest and surely most powerfull men and women in america gave this kind of racial behavior their blessings by enacting 'hate crime legislation'.
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    Like my Political Science teach back in college tried to teach us, "African Americans can not be truely racist"..... Oh liberalism, how we love it.
  6. I'm really surprised that this didn't turn into "Poor African-Americans shot after altercation against racist white man" night.

    But it IS Des Moines...
  7. Well,

    media and mediocrity come from the same Latin root and in America they are becoming the same concept.

    News, t.v. talk shows such as Oprah, liberal commentators, the concept of "politically correct", politicians estranged from the reality of the voters, etc.
    are becoming a sort of river all flowing in the same channel. Note that rivers always flow downhill.

    We need actual news climbing up the mountainside of quality.

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    The officer they interviewed acted like she didn't want to reveal too much. I don't blame her because if she told too much it WOULD Have stirred up a hornets nest.

  9. Because it was a scheduled event by the Iowa State Fair Board.....

    Next year it will be called, Meet Greet Beat & Flee Night.
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    What? You mean good ol Al Sharpton isn't going to stand up and defend these battered whites and tell the news media how these blacks assaulted them. LoL No, Brother Al would be much more likely to tell the Media how these whites attacked the hands, fists, and feet of these blacks with their white bodies and if he did, then it would become National News.
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    Official PC gummint ruleing,a minority can not commit a hate crime.
    Get used to it if you aren't already.:afro:
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    I have a friend that live in Des Monies its been all over the news there, lead story. Its just now hitting national news.

    You also should probably look at it like this usually when a "hate crime" makes the news its because someone was tortured and killed like the guy drug behind a truck for several miles and they had to pick up bits and pieces of him from beside the road.

    Also there is no such thing as a hate crime or all crimes are hate crimes. When you commit a crime like theft or murder or even tax evasion it is fundamentally because of hatred, hate of a cheating wife, hate of people with more than you, hate of the government. Hate crimes are just a device politicians came up with to get stupid fearful people to vote for them.

    Hell jay walking could be hatred for authority, stupid rules, or just those god **** striped lines the cross walk.
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    I believe to remember the term "reverse racism". Which apparently is completely legal.

    I was born a middle income white male. Pretty soon (if not already) I will be in a minority group.

    If the guy would have had a ccw and defended himself this would have been in the news... But it would have sounded a lot different
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    Y'all should know by now that only white folks can perform hate crimes.
    This makes a good case for concealed carry which Iowa detests.
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    New York
    The black teenage thugs are playing on the forebearance of the white community. They know perfectly well that the white community (the liberals, anyway) live in fear of the blacks playing the race card and screaming dat Whitey be o-pressing them 'cuz they's black. That won't wash.

    A thug is a thug is a thug is a thug, whether they're white, black, Asian or purple with orange spots. They are not going to behave in a civilized fashion until they are made to behave in a civilized fashion. The media is teaching that this kind of behavior is okay. It isn't. See the CSI episode, "Fanny Smacking." The behavior was sanitized by making it a mixed racial crowd wearing masks, but it's not acceptable no matter what race they might be.

    But let the whites defend themselves against their attackers and all of a sudden the media will be blaming the victims for defending themselves!

    It's past time the Supreme Court declared that Concealed-Carry is the law in all fifty states; and that in a case like the one in Iowa, the use of deadly force is permissible.

    "An armed society is a polite society." Truer words were never written.
  16. I showed this to my son who recently left law enforcement. His only comment as he walked away was.
    If it happened here the cops would probable beat the blacks to near death once after they were jailed.

    Yes I know thats a terrable thing for him to say but incidents like this one would happen more often if these types were not kept in check. Sorry...A.H
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    Only whites can be charged with hate crimes, equality as per the nation sees it sorry to say.