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    To hate something means to actively seek its destruction. Sigmund Freud defined hatred as, “An ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness.” Hitler did not just dislike Jews, he hated Jews and sought their destruction. The Nazi party was a hate group.

    As we look around at groups like BLM and Antifa, are we looking at hate groups? Yes, clearly.

    Similar to Nazism, BLM endorses racism, hatred, and violence. By definition BLM is racist, saying that “black” lives matter at the exclusion of all other races. Just a few days ago, here’s the hateful violence a BLM leader in Portland advocated when talking about the police: “You pull your pistol out and you bust that! Because at the end of the day, it’s going to be you against them. When we move with the Panthers, trust me when you see me move, I’m moving in violence!

    Antifa is an extremely violent hate group that advocates anarchy, the destruction of our government. By extension, Antifa hates all Americans who participate in the socioeconomic systems that support our government. But Antifa is more than a hate group. It has become a terrorist group, and Antifa’s acts of violence will only escalate with time.

    I suspect that a primary source of hatred for BLM and Antifa is self-loathing. Hating one’s self, then projecting that self-hatred into hatred against others. It is notable that the average age of those arrested for violence during this summer’s riots have been 24 years old and younger. The American Psychological Association reports that suicide, the ultimate expression of self-hatred, is the third most common cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24 years old.

    As history has repeatedly shown, hate groups are the outgrowth of extreme moments in politics. America is now experiencing an extreme moment in politics. The ultimate expression of extremist politics is civil war.

    What is the antidote for hate? As every Christian knows, the antidote for hate is love. Mankind’s history has been full of hate groups, but love has nonetheless persevered. In time love will win out, even over BLM and Antifa, as it always has.
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    The way I see it is that mayors are going to have to have the determination and the WILL to do what it takes to stop this BLMBS before it grows too big,like a cancer. :usa2::cool:

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    S.W. MO
    I remember in the late 70's hearing about the Khmer Rouge, and wondering how anyone could follow such a warped ideology. Pure insanity.
    Now we have BLM, which has more in common with the Khmer Rouge ideology than it does with civil rights. More insanity.
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    We surely know how this saga ends, don't we?
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    At the same time I pray that love will overcome hate,
    I refuse to repeat Masada on my home ground.
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    It may come to fighting for our rights and or nation. I hope not !!!
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    It all comes down to determination and will.
    Look what one little man did with his determination and will.
    His determination drove him to use his will to create a hatred for Jews and other peoples that he determined to be inferior and be a problem for his country,he had thousands murdered and the people went along with it as he had had the will to destroy the world if need be.
    His rabid speeches and fanatical strength forced the whole country to do his bidding and finally created what he wanted from the beginning,WWII!
    He was a monster but his results shows what can be done.
    If a mayor has the determination and the will he/she can certainly control the BLMBS in a city,then move on to a state with the governor convinced by him/she. :usa2:;):cool:
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