Hate mail for crow hunters.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shop tom, Sep 15, 2010.

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    There are some very demented people out there.

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    How come we dont get no hate mail????
  4. This one is my favorite...:lol:

    "You, as well as EVERY other hunter are cowards! You use technology to "bag your prey". Why don't you act like real men and kill your prey without the aid of scopes, scans, high tech rifles and audio/visual equipment, etc...Scared little boys with your big toys, that is all you are. What's the matter? Trying to make up for a shortcoming somewhere else?
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    Jeez, it was funny at first, but got scary pretty quick. Those are some sick, emotionally stunted, intellectually challenged, angry people. These are the people that push for trail use bans, lead bans, etc...These are the people who firmly believe that people should be exterminated for the health of the Earth. Sick individuals.
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    Wow that is hilarious. pathetic. but hilarious lol
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    Do these people spend all their time looking for something to get riled up about? Seems like a waste of time to me.
  8. I find it funny that these people get all worked up about killing an animal, but have no problem wanting to kill humans. God forbid an animal dies, but abortian perfectly ok.
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    Morons, plain and simple
  10. :smoker: roll another one!

    just can't argue with derangement.
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    stupid is as stupid does !!
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    if the crows are smarter than me, why dont they make some body armor and return fire?
    crows kill owls when they can, why, because they dont like them.
    someone should tell the inncocent little crows that great horned owls are endangered and need to be left alone.
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    Good post. Does not hurt to look at the minds of the ARA. They are for all that is good and all others are bad? In their minds anyway. I run into people that think animals are human too and want animals to have the same rights. Go to you tube and look up banning water. A very good video about getting people to sign petitions for anything. Most people want to belong to a group. Most want other people to think they are good people. Most signed the petition without knowing what they signed.
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    Reading the hate mail made me a little sick (such hateful people), but still, I don't support crow hunting, not around here anyway. I can conceive that there may be populations in other places that need to be controlled for reasons unknown to me at this time, but here they are primarily a positive influence.

    While crows and ravens can be a little unsettling and annoying, they really clean up the messes we leave behind, litter, road kill, discarded carcasses, etc. I'm thankful for them. I've long wanted a pet raven (gonna name him Edgar).

    Besides, the American Raven is the smartest bird, displaying the mathematical and social intelligence of 3-5 year old human children, and something about killing a creature than can do arithmetic, use fishing lines, and lie unsettles me.
  16. BarryHalls

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    I've never been able to FATHOM that.

    Can ANYONE explain to me how it is OK to kill an unborn human being (the ONLY among us who are totally innocent by any measure), but we should be put to death ourselves for eating beef?

    I want to physically maim those people.

    There are those 'hard atheists' who advocate eugenics, euthanasia, abortion, AND breeding animals for consumption on a LARGER scale than we do today, and I honestly understand those people. They make sense. Their conclusions are right, even if the basis is wrong.

    IF there is no Creator to give us morality, and evolution is our only purpose then, by all means, and in every way, we should be accelerating our evolution by being much more selective about our own breeding, AND we should be breeding animals on a grander scale for food, as they ARE a faster growing, more voluminous source of many of our vital nutrients than many plants.

    Those people, while the foundation of their world view is wrong, make perfect sense to me, and I respect them intellectually, but that view of the world is entirely too bleak and depressing to me. I couldn't live that way.
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    Yeah, ravens (slightly different than crows, just bigger and smarter) are actually big and strong enough to take birds of prey that are out of their element, or outnumbered.

    They don't 'just kill them for fun' though. They kill or drive them off because any bird of prey will prey on immature ravens if they get the chance. It's probably not something they fully understand. The ravens don't say to one another "Let's kill that owl so he can't kill our offspring," but their instincts tell them that birds of prey are to be dealt with.
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    Angie said she has had a fear of crows her entire life. She also said we are just a bunch of sick minded rednecks for killing crows. That makes me LMAO.
    What the hell does that mean? Does she think their going to pick her eyes out or chase her down and kill her. I think that girl has watch the movie "The Birds" to many times.
    These people need to get a real life.
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    Afton NY
    Some of the loons on there are just plain scary. I don't like the type of threats i saw there. Ain't ever going back to that site.
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    Crowbusters is a cool site, gonna give hunting them a try this December!