Hats off to Cobra Archery!!

Discussion in 'Bow-Hunting' started by rimfirenut, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I was shooting my bow yesterday when I noticed my bubble level missing out of my sight, after further inspection it seems to have fallen out, not sure when but must have been the same day. It is a 2007 model sight and I thought I would look up Cobra Archery on line. After searching their site for a replacement I found nothing but the pin style bubble level, of course the one I didn't want so I clicked on contact and wrote them a short note on my wants. This took place at 8 pm. last night, this morning at 9 am. I recieve an email from Cobra letting me know that they would love to help me out by sending me a correct replacement level for free!! Wow is all I thought, this thing is 3 almost 4 years old and they do not even know if I purchased it myself.. Just thought for a company to be so good to their customers and stand by them is almost unheard of these days.. Today at 2pm I received another email leting me know my bubble level was already on the way...

    I have been using Cobra Archery products for around 25 years, believe it or not this is the first time anything has happened to any product from them, that says alot about the quality of Cobra products and customer service is second to none.. I have and will be a customer to them as long as they (or I) am around to do business...
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    These guys are great, I live just 15 miles from them and when I used to drive I used to deliver steel to them all the time. I got some new cobra stuff for free and just about had a sizure when they came out and handed me a new 6 pin sight. that was about 5 or 7 years ago. But they are top notch people there.