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Have a great first day of the first full week in August.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    I'm out the door for a few hours this morning. Going to do that recreational activity I referred to a while back. Keeps my heart working better if it's put under mild stress on a regular basis. Plus, I enjoy the competition.

    Everyone have a great first day of this new week.

  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Oxford, I am sad to see August come so soon tho! It means I am getting older and no one ever likes that.

    A little time outside does us all some good, I may try to go get a bit of a tan some time this week!

    Take care.

  3. Stopper

    Stopper G&G Newbie


    You be careful outside my friend - it can't be that much cooler around kc as it is here 1.5 hrs away. 102 degrees today and not any relief in sight.

    Stay cool, brother!
  4. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    There's nothing like a little competition and working on my favorite hobby

    Had a great 2-hour competition this morning and will go at it again tomorrow morning. I enjoy teaching those young guys how to play the game. Been doing this since I was 35 yrs old so I've learned a few moves they haven't caught on to yet.

    Yes, the temperature got a little warm today which caused me to drink almost a gallon of icewater. When it cools back down to around 88 degrees this evening I'll get in my daily 3 mile walk.

    This afternoon I worked on my gun cabinet and gun case which is now ready to install stain and finish. I've got it all built and sanded and it's looking great. It'll hold five rifles in the upper cabinet. The lower cabinet has two 8" deep X 12" long drawers on top and two lower doors which open into a good sized storage area below. The combined cabinet height is 51". I've put in 1/4" plexaglass windows in the upper doors.

    Hope I can still be this active till around 2031 when I'm planning my 90's B.D. You're all invited.

  5. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member


    Today was fabulous for me!!!

    I got outside and did a little running and jumping w00t w00t I really let loose and I feel great!!

    tommrow I am going to play a little tennis with a friend ealy in the morning mind you!!

    Good news and feeling good are just everywhere...
  6. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Another hobby

    Chris: I've currently got a 3.5 USTA ranking in the Missouri Valley section. Are you ranked? If so what is your ranking? Which section? Glad to know someone else on this forum has this interest, too. Most guys shift over to golf as they get a little older and aren't so mobile. I've been lucky healthwise, I suppose.

    Oxford :nod:
  7. Oxford--would you an Chris care to elaborate--what are you typing about?
  8. I'm scratching my head as I have NO idea what they are refering to.

    Maybe they are targets for the water pistols at Chuck E. Cheese.

    Perhaps they are bears in make-up up a tree for the Boy Scouts merit badge on chopping trees down.

    I got it! They are human speed bumps at a driver's education class.

    he he he he
  9. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist


    Dale and AlanC: I was talking about just a little recreational diversion hitting tennis balls around the courts getting some frustrations out. Those young guys keep thinking they can beat me and I love to take up their challenges.

    Re: 3.5 rating...that's a computerized handicaping system similar to handicaps in golf and bowling, etc. It allows you to compete with players of your similar ability. Each year new ratings are established for the next year's matches. You can "play up" one level but you can't play down. Rankings are: 2.5., 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0 for the top ranked players (professional level). Each ranking indicates that you can do certain strokes.

    Two years ago I was ranked a 4.0 but moved backwards one level after getting a couple of injuries.(Turned over a four wheeler at the sand dunes and completely separated my right rotator cuff). That's healed now so I'm back at full force. (ha)

    That's probably more than you wanted to know about the game but it keeps me healthy.

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  10. Oh--------single word------less stress on key bd.
  11. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Oxford-today was my first time on the court..I am young and I can barely keep it in the court LOL!!
    Small story.....
    It was a 6 court place, and well I wanted to show off to the ladies and I ran and got the ball from one end and was going to hit it back to them, instead of going to them, I hit it clear across the court and outside of the fence into the woods.....
  12. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Good exercise for cardiovascular health

    Chris: I've been going at it for over 25 years and still hit them over the fence occasionally. In fact this morning, with temps around 90 degrees, there were two courts of us in our group going at it like we were young or something.

    There's eight courts at a local high school here where we compete. Drank about a gallon of water, hit several balls over the fence, and won two out of three matches this morning. Hoping to lose a few extra pounds this summer getting this kind of exercise.

    In the Winter time I belong to an indoor club where we have six courts. Then I'm involved in three different leagues per week. Guess you could say I'm a little compulsive about the game. My doctor tells me this activity is excellent for my cardiovascular health.:nod:
  13. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    It sure is, I can tell, and I have been able to get up to 400 jumps (Jump rope activity) when only 2 weeks ago I did 100 at a time!
  14. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    That's better than just sitting in a rocking chair "just a wishing".

    From my viewpoint, it's great to see so many young people doing something positive about their health. It used to be sort of rare when you saw someone running or walking around the streets or doing some other kinds of exercises. Most people are a lot wiser and health conscious nowadays.

    Of course, more people have the time available and resources available than people my parent's age They were born in 1911 & 1912 and deceased at ages of 57 and 69. It wasn't in their way of thinking to do recreational activities. They mainly had time to work, raise myself & 4 other siblings, and just do what I'd call do the basics of living.

    My generation (born in 1937) and younger had the advantage of not having lived during the depression and some other tough times so we viewed life a lot differently. I only hope the newest adults can afford some of the pleasures of life as they move through the stages of life, too.

    Here's my bottom line...find some kind of healthy exercise you like, learn to do it well, & make time in your life to reward yourself by doing it regularly. For example, hunting can be an excellent source of exercise if you're not sitting around all day waiting for game to show up. Just treking through woods finding a good place to hunt is good healthy exercise. Mainly, if it's fun you'll keep doing it and that's better than sitting in a rocking chair "just a wishing".


  15. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    I wish I was in a rocking chair!!

    When I sit or stay inside all day, I feel like I want to die :( I wasted something so precious!

    I agree most Younger Adults and elder ones for that matter are being more healthy which is a plus all around!
  16. Or sitting in front of the computer typing no sense replies.