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Have problems after grease job..HELP!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by LOCKnLOAD, May 6, 2002.

  1. I just took apart my 4-44 correct issue M! apart and degreased it completely.

    Upon re-greaseing it this time, I actually used a synthetic auto grease rather than the usual break-free. The problem is that not it would not eject the clip with the last round. If I insert a empty clip and cycle the bolt, the clip will eject as normal, with rounds in the clip every round ejects properly but the clips hangs up on the last round and stays within the receiver.

    I had greased every part that I felt made metel to metal contact since I was not going to shoot it again, since it will detract from its value. I am looking for a shooter M1 for that.

    But could my problem be that I used too much grease?? and some parts are preventing proper timing to eject the last round with the clip in sync??

    Please help.


  2. Why would you use a different type of grease??

  3. I never actually used grease before. I have allways used Break-Free from the can. But after reading some posts and maintainance manuals, they specify some type of grease.

    So that is what I did, but I have problem with last round clip ejection. And the grease is the only thing differant.
  4. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Wish I could help , but all I can say is grease for all metal parts subject to high speed friction ( except the gas system , leave it dry ) . Gun oil for the rest of the metal . Boiled linseed oil for the Wood .

    I use lithium based wheel bearing grease .

    God Bless
  5. DocCombat

    DocCombat G&G Newbie

    Ok going by US TM 9-1005-222-35 failure to eject cartridge clip are caused by the following. Low power,caused by short recoil. Or weak,missing or frozen helical spring(ejector). Corrective action is as follows.Correct short recoil malfunctions. Replace helical spring(ejector). But you did not mention a short recoil problem so I would check your ejector , this will more than likely be the scorce of the problem.
    Also the use of grease is manditory with the weapon. In op rod tracks and the bolt slides in the receiver. A high temp wheel bearing grease works great. A tub at Napa might put you back 3 bucks. Oil does not give enough lube and burns off too quick. and lets metal slam metal while grease works like a slight buffer, reducing wear. Hope this helps
  6. Since I greased the rifle after the cleaning, I have not fired it. I encounter the problem by cycling the rifle with a full clip and dummy rounds.

    I do not think that the ejector is a problem since it did not fail to eject the clip at the range.

    I was thinging that maybe I put too much grease on the operating rod spring, or perhaps it could be an excessive amount of grease on the internals.

    The type of grease I used is synthetic axel grease made by Castrol. I used the synthetic since I know that the synthetic oil products have a high temp rating and do not break down as natural dino juice does.

    This is really a hard qestion to find the solution for, since I am stumped.

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  7. I would use regular gun grease instead of what your using.
  8. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Actually , Luberplate is one of the recommended greases . If what you used is about the " thickness " of Luberplate , you are probably OK . I use the Lithium based wheel bearing grease , Luberplate is in this catagory .

    If the grease is too thisk , that may be the problem .

    I have gotten myself a little confused , is it a failure to eject the brass or the clip ?

    In the case of over greasing the recipercating parts , the excess tends to get thrown off ! Cleaning supplies are needed for glasses . :)

    If you have not shot it since the grease job , go shoot it , the problem may sort it self out all buy itself .

    God Bless
  9. The grease I used definately has a much higher "viscosity" than white lithium grease. That might be the problem as you suggest. I will shoot it one more time and see what happens, otherwise I will take your suggestions and go with the white stuff.

    Thanks for all your help.