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Having trouble communicating with peeps 4rm the ghetto??? Well fear not!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 6, 2002.

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    Someone Asked..this is A-G

    Having trouble communicating with peeps 4rm the ghetto??? Well fear not! Use this Ebonics Tranlator! ! !


    2 1 3 (two one three)

    2 1 3 is another reference to living in southern California. 2 1 3 is the area code to many a "gangsta's" and "playas" cellular phones. Cellular phones are quite a status symbol in 2 1 3. They indicate that you have a lot of money, but cannot afford a home phone line.

    411 = I need information

    5-0 = police

    5-0 = run like hell

    A B C

    This has nothing to do with a forest tool, rather it means to inquire. Examples are "Yo, let me axe you something?" or "Don't axe me dat no mo."

    areous = area

    aw-ite = acknowledged syn. Aight

    ball out = leave

    be = are

    befo = before

    bemah = automotive vehicle manufactured by the B.M.W. considered to be very suave amongst a group of homies

    bent = wasted

    B.M.W. = Black Man Working or Black Man's Wheels

    bo jangling = not paying attention, or being stupid

    bomb = something that is considered popular or visuially pleasing

    boo = close friend

    booty = buttox

    boyz = gang friends

    brick = see phat

    Brurva = An male acquittance

    buck wild = really crazy ex. **** sheronda went buck wild afta' Tanica called her a ho

    bud = marijuana syn. Mary Jane, Da ****, Chronic.

    buggin' = actions in a mannar which is considered to be
    not socially acceptable in a group of homies

    bumping = it is to my likeing ex. This beat is bumpin'

    bust out = to leave

    busta white = a person who hangs around with but is not wanted

    busta cap = shoot a gun fire a bullet ex. Shut yo punk *** up Jethro I bust a cap on yo ***

    busta move = to act quickly

    cent = cents

    cakes = buttox

    cap = bullet

    Cavy Sack = A bag of Marijuana

    chillin = Relaxing

    chronic = marijuana

    curb job = a retaliatory attack consiting of a thrust of the dental cavity of a adversarial gang member onto the cement confine barrier of a road

    cold-lampin' = relaxing or hanging out

    cop-blockin' = interfering in one's relations

    cream = money, riches, valueables syn. Bread, paper, chesse.

    crib = place of residence

    curried = Talked about in an unfriendly manor

    A "cracker" is a Caucasian. "Crackers" are usually stereotyped as rich suburban white males that drive BMW's and have wives named "Buffy". Ex. I ain't down wit my sista' datin some cracker

    D E F

    Da Bomb
    "Da Bomb" means having and/or displaying great qualities. These qualities could be permanent such as "That 6-4 is da bomb" or temporary as in "Last night at da courts, Tyronne was da bomb!".

    Not referring to any domesticate mammal. "Dawgs" are shoes. Examples are: "I just jacked me sum new dawgs", and "look at dem dawgs".

    dis = that, or too harass, disrespect

    da **** = marijuana

    dime = bag of mixed illegal drugs, usually worth monitary
    exchage units in a factor ten

    dimesack = bag of mixed illegal drugs, usually worth monitary exchage units in a factor ten

    dimebag = bag of mixed illegal drugs, usually worth monitary exchage units in a factor ten

    dog = worn out, bad, terrible, in bad shape

    Ebonics = ebony and phonics

    ebony = black

    "8 Ball" is yet another term for Olde English 800. Not so pleasent examples of this are "from the 8Ball, my breath start stinkin'" or the eer welcomed "8 Ball whiz", which is a lazy and lengthy unrination usually done after finishing a forty of it.

    Short for "I am going to do something." An example is "I'm fittin to eat me some lunch."

    5-0 (five oh)
    5-0 is the "gangsta" term for any police officer. It was taken from the old Hawaii Five-O television program, and many "gangstas" use it as a code word in place of "poe-leece".

    5000 (five thousand)
    5000 means "leaving", and is normally used around friends. It is used when referring to your self. An example would be "5000 G" is saying "I am leaving you, my friend".

    fitty = fifty

    flava = means flavor

    fly = tight (see tight) or neat

    fly gangster **** = going to fight

    folks = police or parents

    foo = fool

    fronting = attempting to start a quarrel

    G H I

    G = acquaintance

    ganja = marijuana grown in Jamaica or the flower of a
    marijuana plant

    gank = to steal or take from someone or something

    Gorilla Pimp= A pimp who is violent with his prostitues.

    gat = gun
    (I'm gonna) gat yo' *** = You are angering me and I may become violent if you do not cease your actions

    A "gangsta" is supposed to be a very dangerous individual, but the term gets very overused and spawns many "wannabes". A true "gangsta" owns a "9" and drives a "6-4", which are both defined here.

    A "gat" is often referred to as a gun or pistol. Examples are "go out to the car and load the gat" or "got my gat by my side".

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    ho = woman who engages in sexual activity for a money sum

    Hook up= to get together with somebody. 2. To say that you
    have drugs in your possession and your willing to sell it for a nominal fee.

    homey = friend syn. young

    hood = neighborhood

    hoodrat = scummy girl syn. Project *****

    It's on = You and me are about to engage in a violent

    J K L

    jet = leave

    jigga = acquaintance

    Jo = acquaintance, or it can be used as a greeting such as
    yo or what's up

    jocking my style = messing with me or copying me in an attempt to be cool like me

    Joe Roller = police

    jonx = means everything yet nothing at the same time, or my things, belongings

    Kicking = Pleasing,(usually referred to music or a particular song)

    kicks = shoes

    La la
    This is a relatively new term made famous by Puff Daddy and Mace. It is another reference to marijuana.

    "L.B.C." is "gangsta" and "playa" lingo for the community of Long Beach, California. This is the new breeding ground too many a "playa" and "gangsta", replacing the former "Gangsta" capitol in neighboring Compton. L.B.C. is home to Snoop Doggy Dog (now known as the DoggFather), Nate Dogg, Warren G, and former rapper turned producer Dr. Dre.

    lutchie = money

    Lunchin = To act in a rather uncontrollable manner

    M N O

    mary jane = marijuana

    mo = more

    moo = Move

    my bad = my mistake

    na = no, dissagreement

    nah = no, dissagreement

    nick = bag of mixed illegal drugs, usually worth monitary
    exchange units in a factor five

    nickelbag = bag of mixed illegal drugs, usually worth monitary exchange units in a factor five

    nine = 9mm gun

    A 9 is a 9mm handgun. This is the preferred firearm of "gangstas" due to its high firepower and capacity for 32 round clips, which are very well suited when performing drive-bys.

    OE (Oh E)
    "O.E." is the term for Olde English 800. For those true whities, Olde English 800 is a malt liquor usually drank in the single-serving 40 oz. size. Other sizes are the 16oz. can and the ever-popular 64oz. jug, which is my favorite. Examples of "O.E." are-"chillin' on the corner wit' a forty of OE" or "every day I drink OE and I don't go to work"

    outy = bye

    P Q R

    Packing a piece = packing a gun ex. Back off ***** I'm

    packin a piece

    peace out = Good bye

    Peeps = people, friend (see homie)

    phat = looks good

    Piece = Gun

    Pigs = The police ex. Hide da **** man here comes some pigs.

    Pimp steak= A sausage or a frankfurter that a pimp eats on a daily basis

    player = someone who disses all his ho's

    po = lacking in money

    Polece = Police

    Po Po = Police

    A "playa" is a person (almost always male) that enjoys the company of many women.

    A "piece" is another "gangsta" term for a pistol.

    props (peeps)
    Props are compliments. They are not usually specified and come in groups. Most "props" are "given" to another for something he or she did well. "Give a playa his props for his dawgs" is an example. If "props" are especialy in order, they may be given with the seldom-used "peeps". "Peeps" may only be given WITH "props".

    refer = marijuana

    regulate = to force a person to accept something which he
    or she does not want, agree, or wish to accept

    rhymes = lyrics

    rise up foo = bring it on or get out of my chair

    roll out = to leave

    rollen deep = good connection

    Represent is a verb. Most people go out and "represent" their home hood. In English "represent" usually refers to someone that is paid (like a politician or lawyer) to speak for the fee payer be it persons in a Congressman's district, or a defendant. In Ebonics, you "represent" for free. Most people when away from home are "representin" their hood. An example would be "Any playas here representin' L.B.C.?"

    A "ride" is usually referred to a car or other vehicle. The preferred "ride" is a 64 Chevy Impala (i.e. six-fo).

    Double meaning:
    1.Has nothing to do with music. Actually, it's crack cocaine. "Smokin' da rock" is it's usual
    2. A rock is a basketball. When you are playing basketball, and it is your possession an example
    would be "It's our rock."

    S T U

    Sack = a plastic bag containing an illegal or controlled

    Schooled ya = to bask in the glory of a victory wone in a competive enviroment

    scrap = A violent confrontation between two brotha's

    shiiee = ****

    shiiee ( your name) = What are you? Crazy?

    shorty = an attractive female

    sippinn' my forty = getting **** drunk

    skeets = to move at a high speed

    sku me = excuse me

    snaps = money

    sup = abbreviation for what's up
    I gonna Steal you = I am plaining to punch you (Stole past tense)

    steping = when a person or several people start to engage in a violent confrontation between another person, or people

    straight = fine, okay

    Strapped = In possession of a gun

    stupposedly = supposedly

    "sess" is simply marijuana, usually delivered in a bag, hence "bag of sess".

    Six fo' (Six-fo' Impala)
    A "Six fo'" means a 1964 Chevy Impala. This is the preferred "ride" of "gangstas" due to it's spacious interior that can hold all the posse. It's size also creates some shelter in the case of return fire in a drive-by, and it's wide spacious trunk can hold many speakers and amplifiers.

    shout out
    Old and outdated term meaning acknowledge another, usually in a friendly manner. "Shout outs" are normally "sent", and normally are done in groups. Examples are "I'd like to send a shout out to big dog, T-e-r-r-and dot that i G, and all the playas on da south side". Now has been replaced by the current "wassup".

    This does not mean help but in gansta language it means "Shoot On Site"

    This is not referring to the Vermont ski area in any way. It is a place of business. The most popular variety of these is the "licka stowe", which many a "gangsta" and "playa" frequent to get their favorite nightly beverage - the 40.

    "toss it up"
    This term just popped up recently. It replaces "wassup", which replaced "shout out". So if you hear someone yell "shout out" reform them that they are now two terms behind.

    That's the bomb = that is very pleasing to me

    the man = law enforcement officer or a player

    tha shiznit = the best or a very potient herb

    thug = hard core gangster

    tight = pleasing to the eye, not loose

    triping = the begings of what could lead to a violent
    confrontation between two beings

    try-fo-lin = that's stupid or lacking significance

    V - Z

    Used to be a method of acknowledging another. Very similar to the antiquated "shout out", but in the 97 format. These too are usually sent in groups. This term has recently been replaced with "toss it up".

    wack = not to my likeing ex. Man dis sheit is wack.

    what tha dilly yo? = what is going on?

    wuz up? = hi, how are you

    word up = got that straight, thats right or how's it going

    yayo = money syn. Loot, bread, cream, cheese, paper.

    Yo! = yeah? what is it? what do you want?

    You got beef? = are you provoking me to engage into a violent confrontation?

    Young = friend

    Zebra= A white man/woman who thinks he or she is black
    ex. Look at dat honky *** zebra syn. Afro saxon, Wiger, Oreo, honky


    4:20 (420)(4-20) n.- Commonly known as the time to smoke pot

    A'ight ?- All right

    Baller n.- Someone who flaunts money

    Ballin v.- To flaunt money

    Bammer n.- The cheaper, brown leaf marijuana

    Beat Down v.- Beat up some one

    Bling Bling n.- Jewelry (mostly a lot of gold jewelry) or money

    Breezy n.- A female

    Buggin v.- Acting strange

    Bunk adj.- Really bad or aggravating

    Buster n- Hater, someone who is jealous

    Bustin v.- Executing an action

    Butta n.- The good stuff

    Cappin v.- criticizing

    Cheddar n.- Money

    Cheese n.- Money

    Cheezin v.- Smiling

    Chickenhead n.- Not a cool girl

    Chillin v.- To hang out

    Chizzlin v.- To hang out

    Chunky adj.- Nice

    Creepin v.- cheating, sneaking around

    Crib n.- House, Place to live

    Cuz conj.- Because

    Da pron.- The

    Da Bomb adj.- Awesome, Good

    Dawg n.- Title for your friends

    Dat adv.- That

    Dip Out v.- To leave

    Drama n.- Problems or problematic

    Dope adj.- Excellent

    Dough n.- Money

    Down Low/ DL n.- Secret

    Faded v. or adj.- Drunk or tight or new haircut

    Foo n.- Fool

    Freak n.- A very good looking female

    Frontin/Front v.- To hide the truth or to be a faker

    G n.- A name when greeting a friend

    Game n.- The ability to flirt and get anyone you go after

    Ghetto adj./adv.- Something undesirable/ Acting out of
    control or just trying to receive attention

    Grain n.- Money

    Grass n.- Marijuana

    Green n.- Marijuana or Money

    Gunnin v.- criticizing

    Haten v.- To hate, hate against

    Holla n.- Bye or here

    Holla'd v.- Laughed hard

    Homie n.- Friend

    Hoochie n.- A female who grants sexual favors easy

    Hoochie Mama n.- Hoochie of all Hoochies

    Hops n.- the ability to jump

    Ice n.- Jewelry

    Ill v.- Cool, in style

    Jacked v./adj.- Messed up/ Stolen/ Influenced by marijuana

    Janky adj.- broken, old

    Jawsin' v.- lying, fibbing

    Jigga n.- Gigolo, someone who is hooked up with the ladies

    Kickin It v/- to relax

    Lataz n.- Later

    Mack v.- to steal, take advatage or pimp

    Mad adv.- Large amount of

    One-Time n.- A policeman

    Parlayin v.- Relaxin and communicating

    Partner n.- A friend

    Phat/Phatty adj.- Nice or P.H.A.T which mean Pretty Hot And Tempting

    Pigeon n- Ugly girl, or dependant woman

    Pill n.- A basketball

    Pimp adj.- Very admirable or desirable

    Props n.- Admirations credited to a person because of
    something done

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    The Rest

    Recognize v.- To respect

    Ride n.- Someone's mode of transportation

    Rollin v.- Term used while under the influence of Ecstasy Salty v.- To be pissed

    Scam v./n.- To mack/ a name given to mackers or foreplay

    Scrap v. -To fight

    Scrilla n.- Money syn. Yayo, bread, loot, cream, sum, or cheese

    Scrub n.- Undesirable person

    Shorty n.- Actually means a child or is a term of endearment for ones girlfriend

    Sick adj.- Extremely good trick

    Smack v.- To describe a negative, usually derogatory, comment about another person

    Spent v.- Tired

    Strapped adj.- Carrying a weapon

    Sprung adj.- To be obsessed with

    Thievin' v.- Stealing

    Tight adj./adv.- Very good, Nice

    Tree n.- Marijuana

    Trife adj.- not cool

    Triflin v.- to be not cool

    Trippin v.- To act like someone who is hallucinating or on an acid trip or someone being pissed

    Troop ?- A long walk or trip

    Tweaker adj.- Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed)

    Twisted v.- All messed up

    Whack adj.- Bad

    Whasup ?- What's going on

    Whoop v.- To beat up

    Wit prep.- With

    X n.- Ecstasy

    Ya Heard v.- Understand
  4. Thank's there buddy, It was I who asked. Now if I only had a printer I'd be able to tell what the H people are and whether I should be scared or complimented!:p

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    That was dope M.C.Doglips mah homey g! h to the izzo, p to the izzay! :confused: :D
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    "Whazzat? Homeboy be talkin' jive. Gotta clean ma gat and do some bidness in de hood."
    Actually, this isn't too different from any regional dialect. I had a time trying to understand some New Yorkers when I visited the Big Apple, and some here in the deep south could give a Brother a run for his money. And when you join the military, you get to learn a whole new language, too. I guess any group wants to define themselves by how they talk. Some of the new stuff the younguns come up with really blows me away.