Hay this was our Idea

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    Well we all talked about a plan close to this but it involved guns and long range shooting...but hay its close

    California man organizing group to patrol Arizona-Mexico border

    The Associated Press
    July 23, 2002
    SIERRA VISTA - A California man is organizing a group of volunteers to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.
    Glenn Spencer said his new organization, American Border Patrol, will use electronic devices to track and report illegal activities to regular law enforcement agencies beginning Sept. 1.
    "Today's technology can be used to provide information to regular Border Patrol agents, giving them more eyes to see where the problems are," said Spencer, of Sherman Oaks, Calif.
    One state legislator said if the group sets up shop in Cochise County it will create more divisiveness in the community.
    Rep. Bobby Lugo said Spencer and those who support him are vigilantes who pretend to use the law as a way to interfere with legal procedures.
    Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is also not pleased with Spencer's plans.
    He would like the U.S. Border Patrol strengthened rather than have private citizens monitoring the border, Dever said.
    The American Border Patrol was recently incorporated in Arizona as a tax-free nonprofit organization.
    Access to the headquarters in Hereford will be kept secret and limited to a select few, Spencer said.
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    cool, 50% of the work is done for us :)

  3. Dang,

    now we'll likely have the do-gooders and illegal families already inside the border taking pot shots at those watching the border.

    A new border war perhaps?

    Lock and load!
  4. Big Dog

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    What happens when one of them gets shot by the Mexican Army? Do we appologise to Mexico? :mad:
  5. Stopper

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    You apologise and return the bullet - It's about time someone took things into their own hands - they better get properly armed!
  6. ok i'm willing to put down $20 bucks that says the BP will be watching these guys instead of watching the illegals they're supposed to be watching.

    BTW where do i sign up??
  7. Chris

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    yeah, we should fire and send the bill to the family for the cost of the bullet.....

    But yeah, I thought we even had the budget drawn up on this!!

    Lets roll boys.
  8. That won't work in South Texas. First, to me, the locals,American-Mexicans view Mesico as part of USA or USA as part of Mesico. Last February, I had an enlightening concersation with a Texas
    Border Patrol Agent. It's big bussiness for Coyotes. They guarantee their illegal clients to a destination in the US. They have hired uzi armed guides that take illegals through the back-country to be picked up and driven to another location. The fences along east/west highways are all bent up around the post from people crossing. Texas highways ought to have signs with a siloette of people running across the road saying ," illegal crossing".
    What I was told just blew me away and how vast the network is. I asked the agent what motivates these illegals. He response was two part. 1.) Work, and that is a network of foremen and companies that hire them. 2.) The second is obvious. our social welfare system. That is a huge problem. 3.) Big money for the Coyote oganizers.
    I'm sure 43 doesn't want to alienate the Brown People, they helped to put him in office.
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  9. Chris

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    Well, oddly enough they can get into any school and require all this information for US Children, yet within a week of coming here they are in.

    I have no problem with anyone wanting to work, and I highly respect that, but when they take the money that my grandfather and father poured into it in hopes of having a little hlp when they retire, and they drain it, it makes me quite angry.

    This country is growing so large with people not putting anything back into that system that it is drying out....and when the majority that is putting it in becomes the minority we have a very large problem and sometthing will give.

    I surely hope it does not happen and is corrected before that.
  10. Shaun

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    Well I won't evern bother with the bill for the cost of the bullet I would count it as target practice and training -- if you are in the business its a tax right off called ammo testing
  11. Stewart

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    Well said Crhis, well said.
  12. Eric

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    I can't figure it. We have homeless US citizens that can't get medical treatment but these "illegals" are pushed to the front of the line in southwestern states' emergency rooms. Just pisses me off that's all.