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head space garand

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How do you headspace a Garand?
Don't the barrels have to be straight up in fixed postition same relevant to all rifles?
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I have never head spaced a Garand. However, if I were, I would disassemble the bolt; replace the bolt(with out the extractor) back in the receiver; place the no-go guage into the chamber; slide the bolt forward and see if it locks up. It shouldn't. Do the same thing with a go guage. It should lock up. But don't take my word for it, as I said I have never head spaced a Garand before. You can moer than likely have it checked by a gunsmith for what the guages will cost. Troy
Most gunsmiths out there really dont know their *** from a funnel about the M-1 Garand. They think that they do and screw up a lot of rifles. I would recommend looking into getting that video from AGI on "Building an M-1 from Scratch". This is a very informational video on just what you need to do.
I appreciate that.
I dont know AGI . any link??
American Gunsmithing Institute-- these videos are always on ebay
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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