heading into the war zone!

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  1. Alas i'm leaving the free state of arizona, and heading into the war zone known as the peoples republic of kalifornia, it's not a choice i've had to make willingly but i must as i'm being transfered, i have to do a 1 year tour of duty there before i can go to florida which is still pretty free!
    no i'm not in the military i work for pepsi, and yes Kalifonia is a war zone!
  2. I'd be willing to store all your toys here in the nice dry Az. weather for you so you wouldnt have to pack them all up and take them to that humid salt air hell hole! Hey, just trying to help.

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    I am sure I can speak for all: We're terribly sorry to hear the bad news. Keep your head down and keep an eye on your six!

    Stay alert, stay alive!
  4. Hahaha good one rtlesnkesbite!!! but i'm gonna need all the firepower i can muster!!, but thanks for help.
    Stopper: thanks you for your sentaments, true it's a hell hole but i sent 19 years there(born & raised) hell got my first gun there.
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    Maybe if you ask us realy nice we will send you care packages of hi-cap magazines and pictures of people actualy carrying firearms in public who do not belong to a gang.
  6. Now that is an idea worthy of applaus!!!!!!

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    Dude, I feel for ya, ever think of getting a different job? Theres no way I would live in Kalifornication, no way ,no how!
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    as a resident of Kalifornia, let me express my deepest sympathies for your bad news. which pepsi plant are you being transfered to? one of them is a half a mile from my house. post or email me if you have any questions about the few things that are still legal here.

    maybe it's just my part of it, but i've never been shot at in california.
  9. I'm gonna be up in Palmdale, at the distributing center there, as for me being shot at in california, i lived as the only white guy in South Central L.A. for a good 2 years, it got to be that all the local cops, knew me, and sorta looked the other way when they saw the loaded SKS in the car :assult:
    but palmdale ain't that bad as far as crime goes, and besides the way i look at it the closest thing i have to family is in California, so i should be ok.