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    Last week I got a Nitrex TR2 3-15X42 SF scope. It is one of the discontinued model Nitrexs Natchez Shooters Supply has at discount pricing. Nitrex also has a $50 or $100 rebate depending on if scope is a TR1 or TR2 series scope.

    Nitrex box has "Nitrex by Weaver" on it and scope is made in Japan with same optical glass and inner parts/design as the Weaver Grand Slams and Super Slams. Nitrex has a one year over the counter exchange and also a lifetime warranty. Place to send a Nitrex for warranty is same place you send a Weaver scope.

    Mounted the Nitrex on a 7mm-08 and took it to range Sunday to sight in and have my fellow shooters see it. Wanted their opinion on the scope. Selected 5 guys I've been shooting with about every Sunday for a couple of years to check out scope. They are very experienced and serious about rifles, scopes and etc. Most of their rifles will have Leopolds, Nikons, Burris and etc., so thought they'd be able judge quality of the scope.

    After viewing the scope, playing with its adjustments and features, trying the SF and sighting thru lens at a 100 yard target and 200 yard berm beyond it, all gave very positive comments about it. They thought the glass/optics were very very good, comparable to glass in their top brand scopes. Each was surprised by price I paid for it, expecting it to be a lot higher in price. One guy made a comment that sums up the way I feel about the scope....."if the scope holds up, has no internal problems, then its a heck of a scope for a heck of a price." Time will tell on the hold up part.

    Seems the Nitrex TR1 and TR2 series are same as the Weaver Grand Slam and Super Slam scopes. Both Nitrex and Weaver owned by ATK, who also owns CCI, Speer, Federal. Nitrex brand has existed for about 3 years.

    The Weaver version of my scope sells for around $480....my Nitrex was $300 (+shipping $17).....so with its $100 Rebate the final cost was $217. SWFA has same Nitrex scope, but with a higher priced reticle than mine selling for $440, so with rebate their scope is $340.

    So, you may want to check out the discounted TR1 and TR2 Nitrex scopes at Natchez. Seems Nitrex line still exists, they've just discontinued certain models, which are still available under Weaver label.
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    Thanks for the heads up !!

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    Just thought I'd recount a couple of converstions last Sunday when at private range I'm a member.

    A gent shows up with a new Thompson Encore rifle in 300 Win Mag with a Zeiss Conquest scope in same power range, also SF and target turrets. He will sit at a bench close to me and we will eventually began to chat. He had recently bought the rifle and scope to hunt Elk this coming season in N.M. He normally used a 308 rifle to hunt whitetail deer here in Texas. LOL, the encore rifle in 300 Win Mag will punish him pretty good.

    I asked him how he liked his Zeiss scope and he basically commented, its a good scope with good glass, not at good as the German glass Zeiss scopes, but lower priced. I would later mention I had a new scope too and asked him to check out my Nitrex and view thru it to give me his opinion on how it compared to his Zeiss Conquest.

    He will sit down with my rifle and I allowed him to make any adjustments to scope he wanted to make. He liked the Nitrex. Thought the glass on it was comparable to his Zeiss and made a comment about its reticle suggesting he preferred it to one in his Zeiss. Didn't ask the Zeiss owner what he paid for his scope because I knew it sold for over $800. Wish I had a photo of his face when I told him the Nitrex cost me only $218. He asked where I bought.

    About this time another shooter near us, who is a Burris user, joined our converstion. He was one of gents who'd evaluated the Nitrex for me when I'd first brought it to the range. He commented that had liked the scope so much that he had pretty much made up his mind to buy one of the discontinued 4 or 6.5-20x50 Nitrex for a new rifle in 260 Remington he had on order with the Remington custom shop. We have a 600 yard range nearing completion and wanted to use a higher power scope for shooting on the new range.

    OK, the next day I call Nitrex company about something....during course of conversation with Nitrex rep, I mentioned buying my scope from Natchez and loved it. Rep replied he'd spoken with Natchez last week and was told the discontinued models were going fast.

    After pondering this info about the Natchez Nitrex selling fast, the next day I ordered another Nitrex TR2, but in 4-20X50 SF. Scope retails for $670. With discount price, plus shipping and minus Rebate, it will cost me $280. This is about 1/2 price of its twin Weaver Super Slam scope that retails for over $800.

    There goes my gun budget for quite a few months, but now have a good scope for rifle I'll try on the 600 yard range.

    Oh by the way, Vortex has discontinued some of their Viper models and bargain prices for them are here:

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    Can't tell from the specs online, is this a 1" or 30mm tube?
  5. huffmanite

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    Think the Nitrex TR1 and TR2 are 1" tubes, Nitrex tactical scopes (none discontinued) are 30mm
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    Better late than never. I just got a Nitrex TR2 3-15X from Natchez. Nice looking, clear optics, but I'm still not sure about the Target turrets and the repeateability of the "clicks" . Seemed OK at 50 and 100 yds. but at 200 yds, things got a little strange. It might not be the scope, could be the ammo, I'm shooting CCI mini mag 22's. I changed a couple of clicks and got no appreciable change, then one more click and things moved 6 inches, both horizontally and vertically. Very perplexing, I'm going to the range again with a selection of different ammo and taking anther shooter with me too.
  7. huffmanite

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    Odd, Certainly hope its not the scope...my two Nitrex have performed flawlessly.
  8. Purdy

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    I appears to be an ammo problem :)
  9. huffmanite

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    At 200 yards with a 22lr, kinda difficult to obtain a really good group....expect wind, for example to play havoc, with accuracy.
  10. .22lr really isn't a 200 yard cartridge.
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    It really is if you like to target shoot on a shoestring. It has been suggested that a .22 at 200yds. is very similar to a .30 at 1000yds. I think that is about right. (The 10 ring on our targets is 4 1/2 inches, and we shoot from the prone position)
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    At 200 yards, a 22 LR drifts as much as a .308 Win at 440 yards.

    and 55 inches of bullet drop with 40 gr. bullet