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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Asbestos, Aug 13, 2010.

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    I bought a 7.62x54r no and no-go clymer gauge, and i was wondering how to properly use it becouse all three of my mosin nagants have failed the no-go gauge, and one of thoes i had taken to a gunsmith to see if it was alright to shoot, should i have purchased a field gauge instead of a no go? Also how do you use it properly
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    I am not familiar with that brand of gauge. Is it a coin type gauge with a hole in the center so you do not have to remove the firing pin? If it is then you just have to line up the notch with the extractor so it lays flat on the bolt face and try to close the bolt. Just because it fails the No-Go gause does not mean it is unsafe. The field gauge is the final test for safety. If it fails that then its time to see the gunsmith.


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    A field guage would have been a better choice.Keep in mind that commercial headspace guages like Clymers or Foresters are made to current SAMMI commercial chamber specifications NOT the military specifications for headspace.Many times military rifles will fail even the field test but are well within the safety margins of the original design if the military specifications are used.