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    Alright, now that I've been reading all I can find about the MN for about a month,Ive decided to join the ranks!! Before I start on my quest for my first MN I have an important question about headspace. If a rifle can't pass the No-Go test ,too much headspace, how can this be corrected and how much and is it worth it? I'm assuming the work will have to be done by a competent gunsmith. Also, while I'm here, is there any recommended models to start with? Everything I've seen around here is Russian so don't tell me to go get some Finn sniper or such for a "starter" gun LOL, Really loved reading all the posts,plenty of good info here and I recognized some names from other forums I haunt. Wish me luck on my hunt.......bob v
  2. Welcome,Well the default answer would be to take whichever MN you purchase to a gunsmith for a once over before firing it, blah blah blah. In my world, I have purchased 6 MN from various retailers and all came refurbed. I have not had any issue with any of them. Now if you purchase one from a gun show or another owner you may run into an issue. As far as repairing, you can always purchase a couple bolt heads for $5 bucks ($15 with extractor) and try until you get one that passes (in the far chance your rifle is a no go).For a first puchase, I would go with a carbine, M44 or M91/59. They are great shooters and you can use them to hunt big game. 91/30 are great for the range and you can get into one for about $80-$120 off the shelf. Just my .02

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    So I guess what you're saying is it wouldn't be worth trying to fix the problem huh? As easy and cheap as it would be to change bolts I can see that. My guns are not used for hunting, I'm strickly a paper puncher,but I like to shoot really small groups. Thanks for the come back.....bob v
  4. The thing about MN's is that all of the bolts are interchangable. You can take the bolt from a 91/30 and use it in a M38 etc,. This is were you may encounter a "problem" with headspace. Most cosmo packed MN will have come from an armory sighted and tested, so the chances of finding one as a no-go are slim. A new bolt will cost about $45 and finding a correct bolt head would fix the problem. Or something like that. Given you are a paper puncher, look for an Ex-sniper. They can sometimes be found in shipments of 91/30's at Big5, Gander and other retailers. Mosin Nagant Ex-Snipers
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    Headspace problems on Mosins are rare. If you are concerned, have your mother-in-law shoot it first.
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    From my experience and from what I've learned, headspace issues in MosinNagants are exceedingly rare. I would guess this is due the 7.62x54 cartridge being rimmed.
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    For your first Mosin it really doesn't matter which model you start with. You WILL have more. I would opt for a 91/30. They are cheap, indestructable and accurate. I find my 91/30s and M91s to be more accurate than my m44 ,m38, and 91/59 especially at longer ranges. YMMV.

    So, in summary....first Mosin....91/30, expect to pick up an m44 in a couple months then a 91/59 and then just after Christmas an m38! They are addicting.

    I would not worry about headspace. They are Mosins not Enfields.
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    I don't know, I have one 91/59 that is ALMOST as accurate as my Finns.
  9. I'd have to say that this is one of the greatest pieces of advice I've ever heard. I salute you, sir.
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    You probably won't have to worry about headspace. They use the rim for that, so you should be good to go. If there is a problem and a round won't chamber, it would be the first I have ever heard of that happening in a Mosin.
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    O.K., now that I'm armed with some info the hunt begins. I saw some M91/30's at my local dealer a couple weeks ago that looked pretty decent. He wanted $125.00 for them but I might do a shade better. But, yesterday I talked to a friend of mine that owns a pawn shop that I haven't seen in about 8 years and I was asking him if he had any rifles. I asked if he knew what a MN was and he said no ,so when I asked if he had any old,long,military rifles he said "Oh, sure" So, I think I'll wait till next week when I go see him before I stop by the dealer. Maybe I'll find a real gem in the lot. Wish me luck.....bob v
  12. do you already have the headspace guages? if not, the question is moot. your local dealers probably wont either. like was said before, it's not a common problem with the mosin anyway.
    good luck at the pawn!
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    Good Luck!!!
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    Sounds fun bullet head! Hope you find something really cool!!!
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    If you're going to get into collecting Mosins, spend the $40 or so and get yourself a coin-type "no-go" headspace gauge. I got mine from an engineering from in Brockton, Massachusetts a couple of years ago, but I'm not sure they're still in business. You can probably find on on GunBroker.com, though. As far as I'm concerned, they are a must-have item for when you are considering a Mosin purchase.

    That said, I've never met a Mosin that failed the no-go gauge test.