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  1. A preacher who was raising his son had some concerns about how his 12 year old son was going to turn out, so he devised a test that would give him an idea about the young child's future. In the boys room on his desk the Preacher left four items for his child to choose from when he returned to school that day. The first item was a bible, if the boy chose this he would turn out to be a Preacher like his father. The second item was a silver dollar, if the boy chose this he would become a successful business man. The third item was a bottle of whiskey, if this was chosen the boy was going to be a no good drunk. The final item was a issue of Playboy, if this was chosen the boy would grow up to do nothing but chase women.

    The preacher was hiding in the boys closet when he arrived from school that day to see what item he would pick. When the boy saw all these things on his desk he thought for a second. He opened up the bible for a second and put it under his arm, he put the silver dollar his pocket, opened the whiskey and preceded to drink it as he gawked at the centerfold in the playboy.

    The Preacher thought to himself, oh God he is going to be a Marine.
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    same joke posted here on the 12th of this month, but with punch line "... a congressman!"

    I guess this is one of those fill-in the ending jokes depending on the audience.