Heavy barrel rifles...which one???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyclops, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Cyclops

    Cyclops Guest

    I am trying to convince myself that I 'need' a heavy barrel, bolt rifle. THe Savage rifles seem like great values :target:
    I do have a couple questions for those that know better than I:
    1. 223 or 308?
    2. What barrel length?
    3. What power scope?

    I plan only on using this rifle for punching paper. When I go rifle shooting w/ buddies, I only have my 10/22 & just shoot theirs. I think it's time for me to take the plunge....
  2. ChesterGolf

    ChesterGolf Guest

    I do not own any savage firearms but am told they are shooters. Personally, I have two rifles with heavy barrels. I have a Remington 700 VS in .220 swift and a Remington Sendero SF in .300 ultramag. I like the feel and accuracy of heavy barrels and the savages should be no different. As for calibre, if it is truly a paper puncher and is not to be used for hunting then I would go for the .223 because of reduced recoil but I think the 308 is more versatile if you EVER intend to hunt with the gun. That is not to say the 223 is not a hunting calibre but it is more limiting than the 308. Hope this helps and have fun with the new toy.

  3. Cyclops

    Cyclops Guest

    Thanks ChesterGolf. I keep flip flopping between 223 & 308. I'm leaning towards the 308 because if I wanted to make tiny holes, I'll shoot my 10/22.
  4. Superbee

    Superbee Guest

    I bought my Savage heavy barrel 10FP .308 last year and I really like it a lot. Currently I'm reloading a lot and non-stop using the range. I had the same problem before I aquired this tactical rig. The .223 is a great cal. and easy to handle at the range but my personal pref. is the .308 with stronger recoil, and this doen't bother me at all. I can say if you are having lots of fun with your 10/22, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy shooting the .308. just like upgrade from low recoiled to a heavier one.

    Go to the gun store and feel the .223 and he .308 Savage for (looks and weight). Then you can easily decide. Good luck.

  5. polarisgod

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    If you want a heavy barrel, you can go with the model 10fp or the 112(stainless,fluted barrel). Either is fantastic! I know a custom barrel maker, and he swears by the Savage action,he told me that Savage has about $60 in their actions,compared to Remington's $6.00!! Don't know if that's true, but the triggers are $50.00 adjustable types right from the factory. I even heard from a very reliable source that our police snipers are going to the model 10fp and getting rid of their Steyer PSS's!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
  6. jgang

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    I have a 12fvss and I am striving for a five shot, one hole at 100yds. I have a three shot-one holer, so I am just greedy. The choice is yours. The 270 would be a flatter shooter out to 300-500yds. I have a 12bvss in .243 since July 2nd and am still waiting. Good Luck! jgang
  7. savparts

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    The 308 is a widely used round in matchs, hunting and stopping people, the bullet is heaver, better Ballistics then the 223. Just a obervation
  8. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    I have to say, I have seen very good accuracy out of the heavy barrel Savages. I owned a 10FP a couple of years ago, in .308, and it was a true sub-half inch rifle. Oh sure, it may not have the reputation of a Remington Sendero, or a Winchester Laredo, but, in my opinion, reputation means little, and performance means a lot.
  9. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    Actually, I have owned 2 Sendero's, both in .300 Win Mag, I am not knocking Remington or Winchester at all, I am just saying, they arn't the be all to end all in out of the box accuracy. Now, I must ask, how many Savages have you owned? And have you shot them side by side with various other rifles?
  10. Used to own me a Ruger 77 in 220 Swift, that was one sweet shooting tackdriver, them ground squirrels never knew what hit em LOL
  11. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    lol, that 220 Swift is one sweet cartridge, and yes, it'll give varmints a new definition of pain :D
  12. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    Now, Cooper is nice, and they shoot extremely good. Put a good Leupold VX-III on top, or a Zeiss, and you have an almost divine combination.
  13. blaylock you've shot some friends of yours? egads with a friend like you one needs heavy body armor:09: Jus being silly LOL
  14. tbonecpk

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    blaylock this is my suggestion for a really nice paper punching .308. Savage makes great rifles out of the box with good accuracy from what i hear. the major problem is the availability of aftermarket parts. So what I suggest is just buy the action of a remington 700 Varmit in .308 then purchase a Keiger Heavy Match Chrome lined barrel with out fluting (more accurate without the fluted barrel) A nice McMillan Stock and a 2 stage Match Grade trigger, and A 6x-24x-50mm Burris XTR with mounts and rings. oh yeah and all metal parts getting chryoed because by having the metal parts chryoed it will extend the life of the components so every 10000 rounds you dont have to spend another $500 for a new barrel. and there is a very nice paper puncher :grin:
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  15. SilverRun

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    I have a Remington Model 700VS in .308. I really like it, but I have heard nothing but good things about the Savage heavy barreled rifles. I want a .223 bull barrel. The .308 is a great caliber, but the recoil bothers me after shooting for a while. The .223 in a bull barreled rifle would hardly be noticed. If you don't reload, .308 will be a good bit more expensive to shoot as well. The .308 will be better at longer ranges though. Lots of good scopes out there. Not getting into that, but you typically get what you pay for with scopes.
  16. tbonecpk

    tbonecpk Guest

    yup I agree I hear good news but the lack of aftermarket parts makes it really difficult to build a paper punching machine.