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Discussion in '1903' started by Armorer, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Gather around the tent heater boys, this one may make you go hmmm?

    I'm getting ready to give the old gal a face lift, so I'm stripping her to the bone.

    After working on the rear sight assy for 45 minutes I got the dang thing a part. What do I find. Lots of sand!

    I turned the sight cover over and scratched in the bottom of it is : 4 (heart) Kate

    Now I"m bummed. I secret that has been hiding for 68 freakin' years.

    So now my M1 has a name...

    For the Love of KATE :)

    weird eh?
  2. I don't guess there is a chance of tracking down the original owner. Man that had to give you butterflys. It would me.

  3. jerry

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    hope he made it home to her.
  4. Armorer

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    Yeah no problem, I'll Just ask the U.S. Govenerment who had serial number xxx between 1944 and 1953.

    Hey I bet Unicle Sam would just say HUH?
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    That is really cool!
  6. StalovnyGrab

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    Maybe Kate was...

    an ordnance worker who scratched the message during break time???
  7. JIMM

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    I was told that if you paid a fee of $18.00 to the cmp they would give you the history {where it was issued & where it traveled} that sort of thing. I haven't heard much more about it could be just wishful thinking.
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    Theres no records of who had a any rifles. That most probably came from a boot camper later on. During WWII or any service I doubt a G.I. took his sight apart since the cover didn't need to come off to excahange the sight's. Now maybe when they changed over from flat no ribbed covers to the ribbed one it was done? Does you're rifle fall into this early time period? I got a coat check tag with a good luck in the service and a date I cut in the saw while cutting a butt stock for scrap piece in a cleaning hole on a 1903. I aways wondered exactly what the date was and if the guy went to war? I get the early yellow 130 grease pots every now and then but there always warped from something. Rick B