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Hegelian Dialectic

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by The_Wardog, Jan 12, 2018 at 11:44 AM.

  1. Who here is familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic and who wants to know more about it, or learn for the first time?

    Study Machiavelli and his principle of the ends justifies the means. This thread is aimed at educating and exposing how we are manipulated through events towards predetermined outcomes.

    Essentially it's like this:

    The powers that be (gov) wants your compliance on X topic. You refuse to comply for any number of reasons.

    So a crisis is either created or latched on to by media (organic vs synthetic events) to create fear in the populace. Now the populace is more accepting of ideas it otherwise wouldn't allow or even consider. It might not be 100% where the gov wants you to go, but even a small step in that direction is a victory for their agenda. Look at the history of gun control across the nation. Or better yet the patriot act and ndaa which were reactions to perceived threats, creating a police state and trampling the 4th amendment for artificial 'security'. Privacy is dead in the surveillance state.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution. And in the end we always have less freedom and liberty and no real security to show for it.

    Ben Franklin said that people who give up liberty for security deserve neither. Read our founding father's writings.
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  2. john_r

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    Classic salesmanship. The guy in the ad tells you the economy is about to collapse, scares you with made-up or irrelevant statistics, then sells you the solution. Buy his book to learn how to survive.

    “And that man comes on to tell me
    How white my shirts can be
    But he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke
    The same cigarrettes as me
    I can't get no, no no no.”
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  3. That's why I never charge for my advice :)

    I'm not here to make a profit but I certainly see bad things on the horizon.
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  4. Coach

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    In a way, it's the basic "Bait and switch".
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  5. Wag the Dog!!

    NDAA & The Patriot Act was the day America took the deep dive from freedom. It’s an over-reach of the Constitution of the United States, and gives too many government agencies the ability to usurp the God given rights that the founders of this country fought and died for. It also provided the ability for each government agency the ability to arm up. For example, does the education agency, HUD or the FDA really need armed agents. Are they really afraid of the rouge farmer selling milk or butchers that forget to blue stamp a steak, if they need armed personnel, call a cop.

    As you can tell, I’m totally against the CIA or any other agency to be able to collect or “wire tap” information collected from the data or wire collected here in the U.S.A.. Will we be less safe, maybe, but the liberties that this country wasted youth and blood for are being curtailed.

    Those that would trade liberty for safety deserve neither.
    Benjamin Franklin
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    I really thought this was gonna be about speaking clingon or wookie.
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    Thing I am absolutely certain of:

    If George Lucas had ever been given a chance to do a Star Trek episode, I guarantee the alien race the Enterprise would encounter would be called "The Hegelian Dialectic."

    The leader would be called something like Grand Moch Iavellus.
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    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Wardog , if you have not seen the James Bond movie Spectre , you should view it. Besides being fair entertainment, it parallels much of your depictions. Frankly I found it a bit unnerving as to just how closely it is to where we are going. I have written of this before, the reasons why we are getting fibre optic cables installed across this nation, paid for by our tax subsidies, is not to improve your internet experience. The information will be monitored and those who wish to be knowledgeable of yours and mine every action will do what they wish with it. Ohh ! The information will only be used for good purposes, they won't abuse the system! Yeah, riiighht !
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  9. I'm not a fan of the Bond series but if I get a chance I'll check that one out.

    Fiber optic is just part of it. Look at the evidence for the 'internet of things' to be a spy network, one you OPENLY welcome into your house, using the 5G network which some are saying is the same technology as those full body scanners at the airports and can be weaponized simply by cranking the output up. I'm not sure if that's true or not but I certainly know the risks of smart meters and other wave-emitting devices.

    One of my old managers bought an alexa. I pointed out the personal risks to one, he laughed it off and said it was worth the risks. I mean seriously...welcomed that spytech into his home, knows it's risks, laughs it off. I've been considering cutting off net at home because of the personal risks and my interest in saving cash right now.
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    You’re on here and others will tell you that G&G is not alone. We have been “up” by others. Some even quoted.
  11. john_r

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    They’ll know when you’re cleaning your guns...
  12. If the info I'm hearing is true, then the capabilities of 5G as a spy device are pretty thorough. I looked at my router the other day, it's at least 2 years old (we got it when we moved in) and it says '5G capable' or something to that effect, so they've been working towards this for some time.