Hello from Fort Worth Texas!!

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  1. Hello All!!

    My name is David Ankeney and thought I would let you know a few things about myself.

    1) I served for 8 years in the US NAVY during Deseret Storm. Was an Aviation Electrician's Mate and worked on F-14s and P-3s.
    2) I have been a NASCAR fan most of my life, even raced a bit on a short track in Salt Lake City UT.
    3) I retired in 2006 and spend most of my time now getting the kids to school and soccer. (oh and of course my hobbies!)
    4) I currently own 4 guns. XD 40, M&P 15T, M&P 15-22, and an old .410 pump that my grandfather once owned that he purchased in the '60s and has never been shot.
    5) I have recently began reloading for my .223 and want to get started reloading .40 S&W
    6) Just recently became a CHL holder!!

    I hope that is not too much info! LOL

    I looked around here and thought this would be a great place to chat with some like minded people.
  2. BigElkCanoe

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    Welcome BD30 it's a great place.

    And we won't hold that "Texas" thing against you.

  3. oldjarhead

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    Welcome aboard...you'll like it here.
    Please clarify CHL, I've never heard that before.
  4. CHL = Concealed Handgun License
  5. .22guy

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    Welcome to the site! :)
  6. grizcty

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    Welcome to G&G, from Alaska
  7. BigCaneSwift

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    Welcome from louisiana, this is a great site,enjoy.
  8. Brandhard

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    Welcome to G&G from the north side of Wisconsin.
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Welcome aboard Squiddy !! This is a great place to hang out !! We won't hold that Texas thing or the Navy thing against you, LOL !!
  10. toolman

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    Howdy BD30! Don't let ole Steve ruffle your feathers none, he's just old and, well,,, old! :D:D:D
  11. Thanks for all the welcome's guys! And dont worry my feathers dont ruffle very easily!!
  12. mike63

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    Hay BigDog30, welcome to G&G