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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by donki1967, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. donki1967

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    I am a shooter and C&R collector from France since a long time...and naturally passionate about American weapons.
    Thanks for going easy on me as I start asking questions ,and offering my humble input.
    Best regards from France.
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  2. BigEd63

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    Welcome to Gun and Game from NW Arkansas USA!
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  3. LittleRascle

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    Welcome from Georgia USA.

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  4. ChaZam

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    Welcome to Gun & Game.
    Now I wish that I remembered a little bit more of my 1 year of French that I took in high school.
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  5. Bienvenue chez G&G du Connecticut...
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  6. 455rocket

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  7. neophyte

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    donk1967: Sir; Welcome from NC
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  8. cjleete

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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  9. Huey Rider

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    :):)Welcome to G&G from Michigan, USA:):)
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  10. Jay

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    Welcome to G&G sir. Glad to have you aboard.
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  11. blaster

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    welcome from Florida.
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  12. blue fox

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    Welcome from Leavenworth, Kansas.
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  13. Gun Junkie

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    Welcome from the Texas Panhandle.
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  14. Welcome from North Carolina, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on things from across the pond!
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  15. grizcty

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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
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  16. MRT NH 72

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    Welcome from New Hampshire USA.
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  17. Dragunov

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    Welcome, from South Central Texas! Welcome to G&G!
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  18. Catfish 54

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    Welcome from Iowa.
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  19. one3

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    Welcome from OHIo
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  20. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Evangelist

    Welcome from the Great Pacific Northwest, Washington state. Pull up an ammo crate and have a seat. What types of weapons do you have and what type do you have an interest in?
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