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  1. Hello again. I haven't posted in almost a year, but with a little over a mile walk to the nearest computer center in 110+ temperatures I really haven't been all that motivated to get online. My curent mission takes me to a base that has wifi in the transient tents and I've already chatted with my wife and son and bought all my surefire bulbs and mounts and stuff that the supply pogues can never seem to get for us so I figured I'd drop everybody at gun and game a line. I can't tell you much because of OPSEC but I'll give you a general update.
    I'm running convoy security missions somewhere in Iraq...like almost everybody else. I talked them into switching me to a gunner spot. I'm in an M1117. Which is armed with a MK19, an M48 (a newer version of the M2 which is setup to fire electronicaly... they added a safety, took the handles off the back, and replaced the charging handle with a pull cable), an M240B, and my M4. The 1117 Armored Security Vehicle is a pretty neat truck. It looks like a smaller version of a Stryker. Pretty much, you're supposed to sit down inside the turret with the hatch closed and use the parascope windows to see around it and the sighting parascope to fire...but as usual it sounds better than it is so we mostly stick our heads out the hatch so we can actualy see what's around us. It's been pretty quiet where I am relatively speaking. A lot of the guys in my unit were here at the same base we operate out of in '05 and they said it was like the wild west back then. We haven't seen any major fighting but we still have the summer months coming up. They say these little buggars get more active the hotter it gets. Most of our deployment so far has been the train up. We spent 6 months training in the states before we even hit Kuwait. It must've worked though because we haven't ran into anything yet that we couldn't handle almost on instinct.
    Anyway, That's what I've been up to. Convoy Security with a Field Artillery unit. I'll probably be here for a few more days so if the wifi signal gets better I might be able to post some pics.
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    Glad to see ya back man! Keep your head down, take care, and don't forget that there's a bunch of folks back home praying for ya.

  3. Great to hear from you, If there is anything we are able to send your way let us know, we will see if we can get it done.
  4. Glad to hear from you and I'm really glad even though your thousands of miles away you can still at least have the opportunity to chat with your family.
    Stay safe and watch your 6.
  5. I agree with Privateer !!! If you need something let us know ...A.H
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    Stay safe Rockhound we are here for you!
  7. Stay safe. Keep your head down.
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    Keep them eyes open, and head down! Stay safe, and get back in good shape. Pics will be nice. My latest family member got back in Feb, so I'm getting a little break from immediate, close worry. But I worry about all you folks over there. Stay out of the sun much as possible, and keep us posted as much as you are able.
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    Rockh0und...Thank you for all you're doing there, and for putting yourself in harms way for our benefit. Hopefully, you'll be home soon and can leave that experience all behind. The conditions you're living under daily make me feel ashamed when I complain about minor things.

    Back in your home state of Arkansas it's springtime and all the farmer's fields are growing fast, the river's are full, and the trees are all leafed out. You'll be able to get back here soon I hope and can begin enjoying the life you deserve after living under the conditions there in Iraq.

    Best to you Rockh0und and stay safe.

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    Hi ya hound.
    Thank You for your time spent in the service! And next time ya walk that far in the heat
    write us half safe folks some more. You stay safe! and if ya need something just ask.
  11. Thank you sir. Stay frosty, and keep in touch.
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    Keep your head down-eyes open wide and be very carefull.We all here want you to make it home safe...!!! BLESS YOU !!!!
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    stay safe and thanks for serving! its people like you that make things safe for us all!
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    thank you for what you are doing, i hope you and everyone else over there will stay safe.
  15. thanks for protecting me and my familly god bless you and stay safe ur in our prayers
  16. If you need something post it and maybe some of us can get together and get it to you.
    *My Son's Tip From Afghanistan* If the kids in the area you're diving through are waving and smiling the bad guys aren't around. If the kids are throwing rocks the bad guys are around. He said it worked everytime there.
  17. Thanks Guys. I appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and tips. The one about the locals attitude indicating enemy presence is right on the money. If your out there before or after curfew and the streets aren't lined with people you better be on your game. We were rolling through a small farming village on the Euphrates and the streets were so narrow the folks were standing right next to our trucks when we went by. My gunner made the comment that his "Pucker Factor" was near maximum. I told him just wait until they're either suddenly not too fond of us or not even there at all. Low and behold a few nights later we rolled through and the village was dead silent. Curtains pulled closed, lights off, not a sign of anybody anywhere. That was the only time I can say I've really been scared over here yet. ANd of course some stuff went down but we all came back safe and sound.
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    Keep your butt down, head up, eyes open, and mouth shut. Then get yourself home !!
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    In the Nam we watched the kids. When they squated and held thier fingers in their eyes, it was a sure thing we were getting ready to roll up on a mine.
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    Cool update man. Stay low, aim straight, and remember people here still support you guys. I don't got much extra cash but if you all need anything PM me and maybe I've got some stuff laying around, magazines, books, or any other comfort goods you can think of.