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hello,hello is there anybody in there

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jpaulghetto, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. jpaulghetto

    jpaulghetto G&G Newbie

    I'm not a rifleman, but this turk is the cats jammies. I paid a half-yard for this rifle, on sale at Dunhams. I can't believe this forum isnt buzzing! A few rag-heads have used this rifle too good effect against israile border guards. Not that that is a good thing. It just points up the rifles value. Im a pistolaro at heart, but this mauser has grabbed my focus. I'm a mauser fan of the first order. Its a lot of work, bringing one of these old dogs back from the dead, but trust me, its worth it. Good shooting, my brothers, Jeff
  2. Run that by me one more time--Only in layman's terms. I mean in English.

  3. Ghetto Jeff. Love your FOCUS on the old Turkish Mauser. Be sure to lean the turk sideways, it shoots better that way.

    Open up that old book, grammer 101. ya no what im sayin, dog?
  4. jpaulghetto

    jpaulghetto G&G Newbie

    Sorry boys, grammer books were burned during the 70s to help keep the family warm. Now I must go, the Turk is calling. It also knows its a beautiful Sat. morning.
  5. Howd it shoot? What ammo? Does the group walk when the barrel gets hot?
  6. jpaulghetto

    jpaulghetto G&G Newbie

    The Turk seems to shoot better once it gets fouled. I'm such a poor shot I wouldn't know if shots were stringing, or walking. I did manage a few good [for me] groups. 2" 5 shots was my best. At 50 yds. No problems with rifle or ammo, Turk 1944. I think I need more practice. I have shot center-fire rifles very little in the last 20 years. That is going to change with this Turk!!
  7. I love my Turk. I have the Turk and a Yugo and I think the Turk action is as smootha s butter while the Yugo is a little rough. I was very pleased to shoot mine at 100 yds and see 2" groupings(with Turk ammo) . My Turk really cleaned up well once I got it back to life. If you use that Turk ammo remember to immediatley clean the rifle cause that stuff is corrosive. I always spray ammonia water into the chamber and down the barrel to neutralize it.