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    Where did all the FN-FAL fans go? I got some questions for ya.....I think I have my "to buy" list narrowed down.

    I am looking to buy an FN-FAL, and these are the manufacturers and prices I would be comfortable with.

    1. Enterprise Arms Imbel Rifle $799.99 retail
    Type 3 receiver, muzzle brake, sling, 1 20 round mag.
    US enterprise arms parts and Brazilian parts
    Bipod $39.95

    2. DSA STG-58A Authentic Austrian FAL $995.00 retail
    Type 1 or 2 receiver(machined from solid bar stock not casting), bipod, 1 20 round mag, hard case, manual, phosphate finished charcoal grey, US made replica Austrian flashider
    Matching Autrian or Belgian contract

    3. Dans Sporting Goods Imbel M-444 $675.00
    Imbel parts assembled by IAI. Inc
    Imbel factory receiver, muzzle break
    (not sure of mag or other accessories)
    -I think this is the one, if they still got them.

    4. Inter Ordnance FAL-H $549.95 retail
    1 20 round mag, sling, compensator, accessories, 1 year limited warranty, made in house
    -I have tried at least 2 times to get contact and get more info about these Inter Ordnance rifles but they never respond to my e-mails, any one know anything about them?

    I am looking to buy a tough, reliable shooter. Something I can maybe put a scope on, take hunting, and let some rounds fly at the range with. The DSA is getting alittle too pricey, but I have access to an Uncle with an FFL. Any other rifles you would recommend or any other input would be appreciated. I am not looking to work on my rifle all the time or just get a fussy Hesse receiver.

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    Oh yeah, in addition to all of that, there is a gun show coming up this weekend, so I'll be looking for deals there. If there is any brands in the used market I should look for, you should tell me now. If you guys don't help me out, I'll just have to buy an M-1 carbine(which I also want) there out of my FN-FAL funds.....
    Thanks again..

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    AR-tim, greetings. I too have been looking for a FAL. From what I have learned on falfiles.com, great site, the DSA and the Dan's M-444 are the top two. Have your uncle contact DSA and find out what the dealer price is on the STG-58A. I have heard that the "dealer" price is a bit lower. Have you considered about building one yourself or have a guy like Mark Graham build one for you?
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    AR-tim how is it going? Did you find your FN? I bought two STG-58 kits from two different dealers listed in the shot gun news. Both weapons are in excellent condition. They are both Styers made in Austria. The kits are true STG's so you have to change a few parts to be legal but they were only $175.00 each. I bought the recievers from enterprise arms for $250.00. I built both the weapons myself and I have to say they are two of the best shooting peices that I own. enterprise arms and tapco both sell everything you need to assemble the weapons. Also enterprise will build them for you. The STG-58 with the Imbel reciever I think would be the way to go. It sure worked for me ! Good luck.
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    I bought a STG-58 on a Imbel receiver at a gun show for $540. It came with 2 mags and a mag pouch. Finish on the barrel isn't the best, but I am not too worried about that. I think the guy I bought it from said he gets them from SOG, I think. I have yet to shoot it, just cleaned it so far. It doesn't have a bi-pod or carry handle, but I'll get around to those items....How hard is it to build a FAL from a kit? It was tempting, but I was always worried about fit, finish, accuracy, and so on of the finished product. It is picking up in this forum again, but it was slow there for a while..When you first enter the FAL forum, scoll down and there is a post called STG-58 imbel that tells all about my gun. Thanks for checking up...:)

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