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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PintoChes, May 22, 2008.

  1. PintoChes

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    I have most recently found an interest in firearms. I have shot a few different range guns from 22ca. up to a 45ca. I put my 1st gun in layaway today? I got a SIG P6 witch is pre owned. but that cool! It will be in next week. hoping to pay it off with my tax check!

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    Welcome to G&G PintoChes-Enjoy The Forum..!!

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    Welcome aboard Ches!
  4. Welcome to G&G I hope you get to play with your new gun soon and give us a range report.
  5. squirrelblaster

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    welcome to the forum! glad you found us!
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    Welcome to the site! :)
  7. Pintoches Thanks for Joining and WELCOME to GUN and GAME !!! feller !
  8. Hello and welcome the the forum PintoChes.
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    hey welcome to g&g
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    welcome, and dude, your screwed. it aint gonna stop at one gun now that you started. you best start making room for the other "strays" that you gotta make a home for.
  11. Seabeescotty

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    Welcome aboard, Ches, you found the right place to grow an addiction for firearms. Next thing ya know, you'll have to build an addition for all those toys!
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    Welcome to G&G Ches. We have a great bunch of folks here. Enjoy!
  13. jerry

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    welcome. I was down by St Louis last week. Bellville on the IL side.
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    Welcome and enjoy yourself here!
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    Welcome to G&G!! Glad to have you aboard!! This is a great place to find and share information, having a good time to boot!!. So kick back, relax, have fun, and enjoy the forums....

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    WOW guys you all no how to make some one feel at home!
    anyone from south of Stlouis. I like to shot at Top gun off I55
    me and a buddy where going to a out door range but closed on Monday
  17. squirrelblaster

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    ^ i like shooting outdoors more, than indoors, its to bad it was closed.
  18. Aaronb2245

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    welcome to G&G....when time and cash permits treat yourself to a rifle.
  19. FS00008

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    welcome to G&G! I say when you can, get a Ruger 10/22 .22Cal.

    Cheap to feed and EXTREMELY fun! :-D


    Looks like someone stole your avatar SquirrelBlaster!!!!
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