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    What has happened to this forum? There should be lively discussion about MKS, etc. About the only thing that gets any rise in discussion is when someone overpays for a Norinco, then finds out that they have to shell out $1000 just to get the gun to work...but hey it was cheaper than a Springfield...initially!

    So has anyone heard any news about MKS? I am still thinking about buying one. Do you think that they will come out with a double lugged receiver?

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    i dunno what happened either? the old site was more free wheeling with m1a and M-14 stuff. i beleive MKS got nailed by the Feds with their rewelded m-14 receivers, you know once a machinegun, always a maachine gun crap. they're suposed to be making legal, forged receivers now, but haven't read any thing on them.:confused:

  3. I think most folks found somewhere else to go when this site was changing over and was down a while.Thats what happened to me(ShaneS).I just finally found my way back recently.If ya'll are gonna start picking on my Polytech right off the bat I'm leaving!;)
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    well power kicker, maybe picking on so,eone else's rifle maybe the only way to get some action here!!!whatcha use for bore cleaner??? sweet and sour sauce???heh heh heh heh heh...........all kidding aside hows it shoot? only seen two polys abused and overpriced. both were 8oo clams and looked like the spent a few years riding in the back of a pick-up.:fuss:
  5. I paid 650 for mine in like-new condition.It is also preban with all the bells and whistles.I called the ATF to confirm that status, as I know there are relatively few preban chicom M14s around.Mine has a beautiful tiger-striped GI stock and the finish is 99+%.The gun shoots about 2 1/2" at 100 yards on a good day with Surplus Hirtenburger. The headspace on mine checks out and is well within nato spec ,but is just barely failing to lock on a saami 308 field gauge.The nato no-go gauge is 2 thousanths longer than the saami field reject and the 7.62 nato field reject is 7 1/2 thousanths longer than the .308 field.I figure I have quite a ways to go before my gun loses headspace(if it ever will).I just use on milsurp in it's chambers and shoot away!
    Would I rather have a preban M1A? Oh Yeah! But I also liked having the extra 900 bucks to buy ammo and a couple of those dirt cheap Romanian aK's.Man those things shoot!
    With your leave,I'll keep stoppin by this forum from now on!
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    Picking on Rifles

    I don't mean to pick on anyone's rifles but I just don't feel that it is not worth it to buy anything but Springfield. Here in VA I see people walking around gunshows trying to get $600 for a Polytech with no takers. Just today a Pre-ban Springfield went for $910 on Gunbroker. Read my "Picked up another M1a" thread. I got the works and then some for $1600. The M1A is an expensive rifle that appeals only to unique individuals therefore is somewhat of a tough sell. Why sell yourself short and buy something that is of even less value to even less people unless all you want to do with it is plink.
  7. If my gun shoots as well as yours,and I paid half as much for it,how does that demonstrate flawed reasoning on my part? I may in my lifetime burn maybe 2000 7.62 nato cartridges.For my needs and uses,the Polytech suffices.If I ever do decide I want to upgrade(unlikely) my GI machinery-made reciever is BETTER than the components that SA is now or has ever used.My Polytech also sports forged and milled op-rods and the like ,while the new SA's use cheaper castings.It will cost me about 400 bucks to upgrade with Smith Enterprise and I will have as close to a GI M14 as it is possible to get,and it will then be a better rifle and still cost less than any M1A's in my area.
    The guns I will be shooting many thousands of rounds through are my two AK's that I bought with the money I saved buying my Poly.I have three good rifles for the price of one overpriced(in my opinion) good rifle.Springfields have their share of problems too. I like you have heard all of the Crap about how bad the Chicom M14's are supposed to be,but I have only seen evidence of a couple of KB's,and both were SA's M1a's.If the Polytechs were that bad,there would be a body count on record by now.It has been almost 15 years .......:nod:
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    You assume that I am referring to a new SA at normal prices with their cast parts. I would probbably buy a Polytech before I bought a new Springfield. Just about every week there is a good deal on a Pre-ban, all USGI Springfield on either GunBroker or AuctionArms. THe latest one ended in $910 as the high bid. I do not have to purchase a Polytech as long as this is true. My last Springfield consisted of the following all for $1600:
    Springfield Pre-ban M1A
    Douglass Heavy Barrel ~$250
    Oversize Op-rod guide
    MacMillian Heavy match stock ~$250
    Brookfield Precision Gas Piston - Try to find one
    Unitized gas system ~$100
    All TRW parts ~$600
    National Match sights
    Springfield Armory scope mount ~$100
    5 USGI mags ~$150
    All GI Tools necessary for cleaning/disassembly ~$50
    Case ~$20

    By my math the total comes to $1520 for parts making the receiver around $80. These prices are reflective of final values from ebay auctions.

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    MKS Rifles

    If you guys want to know more about MKS M14 style rifles goto battlerifles.com and look at the m14/m1A forum and you will find a lot of info there look at the general info portionit may help:assult:
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    Just how can a $910 rifle be a better deal than a $500 (what I paid for my New norinco about 6-7 years ago) rifle that has had and needs Nothing done to it. I just keep on shooting it and it keeps on running perfectly.
    With the $410 difference I can buy another rifle or pistol and lots of ammo. All you have is the 1 rifle. Seems to me that you got the short end of the shaft!
    I also have a norinco M14 select fire rifle and it is still all original chicom. I've shot the hell out of it and still NO problems. I know of several chicoms that have had +/- 5000 rds thru them and are still all original. I know of 1 norinco M14 select fire that has had 10,000+ rds thru it so far and it is still all original. If the chicoms were such a pos then none of these rifles would still be in firing condition. I have seen probably 5 to 1 complaints of major problems from all of the US made M1As over the chicoms on these boards in the past 2+ years I've been on the net. Just why do you think this is if the chicoms are such junk???
  11. Always a pleasure to hear from the only other blatantly pro-poly guy on the net Sarge!
    I have been running an informal poll by contacting all of the polytech owners at the various websites on why exactly they had their chicom guns rebuilt.Not ONE of them had it done because their gun was jamming,or was out of spec as pertains to nato headspace.They all said their guns shot perfectly except for one gentleman that reported that his gun was doubling before rebuild.The reason for rebuild stated by ALL of the respondents was that they had "heard" so much about how badly these rifles needed a rebuild on the 'net ,that they went ahead and sent in their perfectly functional guns(and up to $1000) for rebuild because of the negative comments and hearsay alone,with no other reason.
    None of the respondents could site an instance of failure of a Chicom of any make other than the "I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend" Tales.

    Just wanted to share.............Best regards to all you fellow M14/M1A owners.:)
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    If all that you are going to focus on is price then it does not matter what you own as long as you are happy with it and never want to sell it. If I were to walk around a local gunshow with that $910 (Springfield) M1A and have an $1100 price tag on it I would not even get into the show before it is sold. A $500 Polytech I will carry around for the duration of the show and probbably not sell it. I am happy that you are happy with your choice of M1A/M14, for I too am happy with mine If I ever decide that I want to shoot something else I am confident that I will be able to sell one of mine at most likely more than I originally paid for it.