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    As predicted, the debate last night showcased coronavirus. Trump said he wears a mask “when I think I need it.” Biden said that if things don’t change, “by the end of this year, one in 500 Black Americans will have died from COVID-19.” Both statements are just plain stupid.

    Trump’s statement is stupid because a mask is not PPE, it offers little if any protection against him getting the coronavirus unless he is wearing a professionally fitted N95 mask. N95 is not the mask we’ve seen Trump wearing. The only decent reason for any of us to wear a mask is to inhibit the inadvertent spread of covid droplets (won't stop vapors) to other people, they are less than effective at preventing us from getting the virus.

    Biden’s statement is even more stupid because it is so easy to prove him wrong. With an estimated 44 million blacks living in the US today, around 88 thousand would need to die from the coronavirus to reach a death rate of 1 in 500. That would be nearly 50,000 more deaths just for African Americans over the next three months. Foolish for Biden to engage in such an over-the-top scare tactic, and even the mainstream media should call him on the carpet for it. Now you know why they call him “Bi-dumb.”

    The only covid statistic that counts is deaths. Fact: You are more likely to die of it if you’re a male than female. The mortality rate for males is 2.8%. For females it is 1.7%.

    If you’re really old then you need to be really careful. To date, the mortality rate when 80+ years is 14.8%. 70 to 79 years, 8.0%. 60 to 69 years, 3.6%. 50 to 59 years, 1.3%. Trump is correct that the virus holds little danger to school-aged children. For those between the ages of 10 and 19 the mortality rate is a mere 0.2%. For those between 0 and 9 years of age it is virtually zero. At any age, if you have pre-existing health conditions (especially cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or respiratory illnesses), then you are at much higher risk.

    We are entering our eighth month of state mandates that curtail and restrict our lives. How effective have they been? Governors started their tyrannical trampling of our rights in March. At the end of March the mortality rate for known cases was 2.05%. At the end of September, after months of lockdown and mandates, the mortality rate for known cases had increased to 2.85%. Only in America can political buffoonery like that continue unabated…

    How does the US compare to Sweden? Remember, unlike governors in the US, Sweden chose not to lock-down and has kept their economy fully open. Since July 4th, the number of covid deaths in the US has increased 59.6%. The number of covid deaths in Sweden for the same time period increased just 8.7%. Despite the governors' lockdowns, despite the mask mandates, despite not opening schools, despite destroying our economy, the corona death rate in the US has increased almost 7 times faster than Sweden, which had none of that. So which country looks smarter to you?

    And we have yet to really pay the piper. Now that Fall is here, coronavirus is going to get a lot nastier. In the United States, that is; Sweden will have hardly a hickup due to their better policies. Buckle up my friends, because over the next few months we are going to start paying the real price for the stupidity of our governors.
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    Kellen, go wear a mask. Mask yourself in your house, in your car, and when you are in the bathroom taking a poop. I don’t care and most on here don’t care if anyone wears a mask. I’m not going to. I’m 64 and something is going to kill me. I prefer a lightning strike, but God will decide my demise, not the government!

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    Agree with Bob. However, I want to be killed by a jealous 20 something year old husband.
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    Animalspooker, you would die for this 20 year old wife?:D:eek::rolleyes:

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    But nobody wants to talk about the 1 in 7 Blacks that have HIV/AIDS...
    and they're the most affected other than the gay men & geezers.
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    Read tonight that if you have had the COVID, the antibodies only last 60 days, meaning you can get it again. If true, there goes thee herd immunity theory.

    [Maybe the chinks plan for world supremacy is killing off it’s population (now removing tin foil hat)].
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    She definitely needs to wear a mask, or several.
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    20 years in a Russian Gulag doesn't count.
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    Exactly. New cases mean nothing. If we ended all covid testing, guess what...we would have no new covid cases. The only thing that counts are people who succumb to the virus itself.
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    Yeah, I shoot high pressure reloads in my Glock. How'd you know. !
    this is humor
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    Used to be called a "Brown Bag Special".
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    Are you trying to compete with Biden for false information?
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    IF you can believe the CDC numbers:


    Prevention Challenges
    1 in 7 blacks/African Americans with HIV are unaware they have it. People who do not know they have HIV cannot take advantage of HIV care and treatment and may unknowingly pass HIV to others.

    I think Big Shrek had the right numbers, but in the wrong context.

    1 in 7 blacks THAT HAVE HIV, are unaware of it. It's NOT that 1 in 7 blacks have HIV.
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