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Help 1903

Discussion in '1903' started by GrayHair, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. GrayHair

    GrayHair G&G Newbie

    Hi guys, I might be able to help a friend who is looking to raise some cash. He advised me that he has a 1903 for sale. To be perfectly honest, I don't know anything about them except something about problems with low serial #'s? He says the condition is "good". Can anyone help with some info. on what serial #'s,and manufactures I should look for or stay away from.
    Some Idea of price would be helpfull also. I know that is not easy to do without seeing the product. I will get to see this rifle in about 2 weeks. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Value has never been my specialty, so I'll let someone else answer that. Suffice to say we would need to have a LOT more info (matching parts, stock condition, cartouches) before you could be given a good idea as to value.

    However, low serial number problems only affect Rock Island and Springfield-marked rifles. Anything below s/n 800,000 for Springfield and 285507 in Rock Island is considered unsafe to shoot. However, I wouldn't be above getting a nice-looking low-numbered '03, if all I was going to do was mount it on a wall.

    If your friend's '03 is Remington or Smith-Corona, there are no low-serial number problems - all are considered safe to shoot, as long as headspace is checked, etc.


  3. GrayHair

    GrayHair G&G Newbie

    Hi Rick, Thanks for your come back. I know more info. would be needed, and I though by now I would have seen this rifle.
    I have to wait for by friend to get back in town. Hopefully this will be soon. I had ask him if it had a low serial# and he said it wasn't. I will keep you informed If and when my friend gets back. Thanks :target: