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Discussion in 'Antique Firearms' started by Kaye adams, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Kaye adams

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    grades? I'm kaye new to this site I'm trying to donate so I can be up graded .I believe it is allowed to sell on this site? If I'm wrong please let me know the market place..or trader place..I dont have pay pal can I use my debit card to pay. if you could send me that link.thankyou I am posting a few of them I have many more.

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  2. cjleete

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    Keep in mind that there are restrictions on selling and shipping firearms.
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    Kaye just click on the green button at the following link. It will take you to a "Pay Pal" log in screen. Put in your email address and a pass word to set it up. And yes you can use a debit or credit card to do so. It doesn't have to be a full blown account linked to your bank, etc. I don't have a Pay Pal account like that, but I do pay for stuff with their features that let me use my debit cards online...
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    Oh ok I havent got that far yet. I'm just looking at all thease guns and really cant keep them all..I love them but I only have room for a will be hard to decide..thank you for in forming me of restrictions...kaye
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  6. Kaye adams

    Kaye adams G&G Enthusiast

  7. ChaZam

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    Kaye, if you are going to sell several I would suggest contacting an auction company in your area that deals with estates, collectibles such as firearms, etc.
  8. Kaye adams

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    I think your rite..that is good advice..
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  9. Dutch

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    Don't forget to consider commission fees when deciding how to sell. The commission fee is usually no joke. The auction house is going to take 20 to 30% off the top.

    We have two local gunshops that end up with most of the estate guns because their commission fees are much better deals than the auction houses. One charges a 15% commission fee, which is great when compared to the local competition. The other does a flat rate of $100 per firearm, which is fantastic if you are selling a multiple thousand dollar rifle, but terrible if you are selling a $130 .22.

    It's worthwhile to call around and ask about the commission fees before committing to a reseller.

    But, all that said, it's a lot easier than doing it on your own. That's why I know which shops have the best consignment rates locally...

    I would like a crack at a few of your rifles, so for selfish reasons I would love to have you post them here for a few days before giving them to a reseller (auction or consignment).
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  11. Jim Bridger

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    Do not fail to follow the Interstate Commerce rules regarding firearm sales. It can cost you money have all your firearms confiscated. You will never be allowed to own another firearm. We live in a Socialist environment.:rolleyes:
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