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My is Valerie I work for Gould & Goodrich leather, and I am the sales rep for Lawrence Leather. We are located in Lillington, NC and I am in need of assistance. We have a holster that we are trying to verify the fit on. I need a Ruger SP101 with a 3 1/16 length barrel to verify a holsters fit. I would greatly appreciate any and all help anyone has to offer.

Thank you!

Gould & Goodrich
Lawrence Leather

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Hi Valerie, welcome to G&G! I saw on your profile you sell to the law enforcement community - lot's of LEO's on this board.
Any good gun dealer could order the Ruger SP101, as they are still in production. I'm not sure how it would work with a company, but there's probably a way to register it to the company if need be, and buy with a company purchase order.
I have also been using GunsAmerica as a source for particular guns that local dealers just don't have.
They have a Ruger SP101 with 3" barrel this week:

SP-101, 3" 95%
GA# 976333030 $319.00
Ruger SP-101, 357 magnum, 5 shot, 3" barrel, stainless steel with Hogue rubber grip. Very nice, doesn't look fired very much.
FFL Dealer: Yes Area Code: 203 GA Sales: 268

You would deal with the seller, sending them the payment and a signed copy of your FFL dealer's firearms license, then the gun is shipped to your dealer. Whoever is actually buying it would then pay the receiving dealer a fee (10 to 15%, or $20 to $30 is customary) and the background check cost. Hope this helps.
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