Help me out with info on my new CMP carbine

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  1. I recently received my M1 Carbine in the mail from the CMP. I have yet to fire it, but I have cleaned it up a little bit. Did't take it fully apart because it doesn't really seem that dirty.
    Anyway, it is a Saginaw S G with serial range 32889**
    The bore has quite a bit of rifling left, and is really shiny.

    The barrel band is marked J.M.O.
    The sight of course is late feature and marked I.R. CO.
    I have two magazines, one marked IU and the other is IU in a circle.
    I don't know if I am reading this correctly but the magazine release button is marked WA and then M?

    If there are any other markings I can look for or anything, please let me know. Any help on determining the date and or any other cool facts are all greatly appreciated.
    I will get a picture up ASAP, but my camera is acting stupid.
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    You may want to consider taking the bolt apart and cleaning it. The carbines have been heavily coated with cosmoline and it is in every crook and cranny on that rifle. When you shoot it, you will see perhaps the cosmoline will liquify and ooze out of everywhere once the metal warms up. A bolt tool really comes in handy for this task.
    Sorry I can't provide answers to you questions, my reference books and manuals are in storage in MO and I'm presently in WA.
    The CMP web-site has some informative information on markings and other issues. Click Rifle Sales and then Carbines...the information is on the carbine page.
    BTW these articles are printable so yoou can keep them in your library for future reference.

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    JAO is J.A. Otterbein Manuf.
    WA/M is late war replacement part by Walt Manuf.
    I.R.Co. is International Register
    IU is International Silver for Underwood.
    Almost every part except springs will be marked.
  4. Cool. Any idea on the date? i thought the barrels were always dated. it does have the flat bolt.
  5. Mooseman684

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    Look on the barrel by the front or bottom and see if there is a date...
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    They don't have a month to month breakdown. They have a range and a range of production in months. Yours was in their first batch, probably May-June of 1943
  7. ok. i looked and there is no date to be found anywhere on the rifle, but i am guess saginaws were only ww2 production anyway so you are probably correct on the 1943 era...
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    All US-GI carbines were made during the war. None were made after. Very few were made in 1942, very few were made in 1945. Most were made in 43 and 44.
  9. Took the new carbine out today...
    but, I am very very very happy with it!
    I am actually very surprised by the accuracy.
    This target was at fifty at a bench with sand bags.
    Did a rapid fire as fast as I could and hit paper every time!!!
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    Darn Nice shootin' Aaron !
    Glad the Carbine is back Running like it should !
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    Cost cost I need a Saginaw. My Grandfather worked there during the war.
  12. Hey thanks again Rich.
    By the way, I meant to ask you, (I don't think I already asked this...)
    is it ok to shoot steel cased ammo in it? I have only shot brass in it since I got the bolt back, but I have about 40 rounds of steel I could use up if it won't hurt.
  13. Mooseman684

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    I would shoot em...Then try to stick with Brass cased stuff !
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  15. It depends.
    I got mine from the CMP and it was "service grade" for $575
    I really like it.
    You can spend way more than that in town or gun shows here.